Superior Sound to Be in MasterCraft Boats

Source: MasterCraft

Image: MasterCraft

MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) has announced an exclusive partnership with Klipsch Audio to bring premium, concert-level sound on its new sport boats.


World-class, premium audio equipment manufacturer, Klipsch Audio, has created its first-ever marine speakers and amplification solutions that are exclusively offered on MasterCraft boats. Heralded in the music industry for its pioneering achievements and the power of its audio systems, new Klipsch Audio systems now create a heavy-hitting, customizable concert-style entertainment experience on a MasterCraft.


“We’re dedicated to providing the best experiences on the water for our customers, and our partnership with Klipsch enables MasterCraft to create an exclusive, first-ever audio experience on the water that will truly blow people away,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “We spend a lot of time focused on customizing boats to our owners’ needs – from the look and style of the boat to the wake behind it. Digitally-controlled custom, concert-level sound is an incredibly exciting new on-board entertainment option that we know people of all ages will enjoy.”

Image Credit: Klipsch Audio

For the first time, Klipsch Audio brings over 70 years of expertise to the water to debut premium, custom engineered marine audio systems exclusively for MasterCraft. Working with Klipsch amplification systems, Klipsch speakers use less power while adding more volume with minimal distortion – even at peak levels. Beyond its sheer power (up to 120 dB), the new sound system is tuned for a rich, accurate sound across a broad frequency range. It doesn’t exaggerate any part of the music. The new Klipsch speakers are marine-specific – from controlled directivity to being completely water tight and protected from the elements.


“We are excited to bring the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience that only Klipsch speakers deliver to the world of boating with our strategic partner Mastercraft. Klipsch speakers have stood the test of time and we are thrilled to bring this unparalelled audio experience to MasterCraft consumers,” said Oscar Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer for Klipsch Group, Inc.


MasterCraft partnered with Bongiovi Acoustics to implement its Digital Power Station™ (DSP) technology to customize the new Klipsch-powered system specifically into MasterCraft’s boats. The Bongiovi DSP contains a unique, patented digital audio signal processor that adjusts real time to music to ensure concert level sound – another first for the marine industry. The Bongiovi DSP module is tunable, changing the sound of the system depending on which software mode is selected by the driver. With three modes to choose from – drive, tow and chill – drivers can have customized sound to every MasterCraft boat while under operation.


MasterCraft’s new Klipsch Audio systems will remain an exclusive to the company for a period of five years through an agreement with ASA Electronics, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronic products.


Klipsch Audio systems will debut on new 2018 MasterCraft boats. To learn more about MasterCraft’s new Klipsch Audio systems please visit the MasterCraft website.

Spanish Surfer Shines at praia de baia

Source: WSL

2017 Junior Pro Espinho
Tomas Zarra (ESP) was the standout surfer on Day 1. © WSL / Lodin

The Junior Pro Espinho launched today in clean waves in the two foot range at praia de baia. Competition started early and went on hold around the high tide mark before resuming this afternoon to complete a long first day with men and women’s rounds 1 in the books.


The event’s lowest seeds made the best of the small conditions on offer and displayed good surfing to earn their spot in the second round of competition.


Tomas Zarra (ESP), 15, belted the day’s strongest combined heat total, an impressive 14.67 given the conditions, including the only excellent score of 8.50 on the opening day of competition. The young Spaniard started on one of the best waves of the day and performed spectacular surfing that impressed everyone on the beach all the way up in the judges tower.


“It’s been really fun I caught two really good waves and had a lot of fun,” Zarra stated. “I did two good turns at the start on the set and a nice finish for that 8.50. It was a really good wave and I was lucky enough to be in the right position. I’m here with my coach Aritza Saratxaga and his advice was simply to choose the right wave and do my thing which is mainly big turns.”


Frenchman Titouan Canevet (FRA), 16, came a close second for the day’s best wave with a solid 7.50 earlier this morning. The Brittany resident continues the string of excellent results of surfers hailing from the wave-rich French northwest region.


“Waves were a bit small but I found a nice option a little outside the main peak and it worked out for me,” Canevet said. “My best result is a four-man quarter in Biscarrosse so the goal coming here is to try and better it hopefully. Ian Fontaine who’s here coaching us compared the wave to one we have at home so it helped me visualize the opportunities better which was very helpful.”


After a whole day’s worth of waiting, women surfers finally hit the water around 7 p.m and completed their own first round of competition in fun conditions.


Vahine Fierro (PYF), 17, reached the finals of four events out of the five she entered so far this season, and judging by her performance in Round One she’s keen to secure another big result in Europe. Fresh off her final school exams back home in Tahiti, the powerful goofy foot destroyed the little lefts of praia de Baia and claimed the women’s highest single-score of 8.00 points.


“I found two pretty fun waves and won my heat so I’m happy with that start!” Fierro said. “After my first decent score I decided to move further down the beach to a different peak which looked like it had a really good left, that’s where I got the 8. I usually like to surf on my backhand better, so I was hoping to surf the North bank but that’s fun too.”


Francisca Veselko (PRT), 14, was one of only two Portuguese female surfers to advance through Round 1 tonight, and represents a strong chance of a home country title come finals day. The young surfer from Cascais already claimed an impressive third place in her second event ever, and looks to even further improve on that result rather sooner than later.


“It’s my first time surfing here, I usually stay further down the coast around Lisbon and Ericeira,” Veselko admitted. “Waves were a little tough but I made the most of it. I train in all conditions so I was prepared.”


Contest officials have called the men at 6:30 a.m Friday for a potential early start while the women are welcome at 8:30 a.m.


The Junior Pro Espinho is scheduled from June 22-25, 2017 Espinho, Portugal.


Heat 1: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT), Ainhoa Leiceaga (FRA), Mikele Beato (EUK), Lucia Machado (CNY)
Heat 2: Mafalda Lopes (PRT), Illona Goasguen (FRA), Belen Botin (ESP), Mariana Brandao (PRT)
Heat 3: Maddi Aizpurua (EUK), Eveline Hooft (NDL), Lili Termeau (FRA), Laura De Los Reyes (CNY)
Heat 4: Juliette Lacome (FRA), Sara Urresti (EUK), Elisa Cazenave (FRA), Nerea Donaire (ESP)
Heat 5: Maelys Jouault (FRA), Violeta Sanchez (ESP), Julia Dufrechou (GLP), Francisca Veselko (PRT)
Heat 6: Neis Lartigue (FRA), Melania Diaz (CNY), June Del Campo (EUK), Mae Demanez (GLP)
Heat 7: Uhaina Joly (FRA), Isabel Gundin (ESP), Ozvan Masseron (FRA), Vahine Fierro (PYF)
Heat 8: Ellie Turner (GBR), Karla Fodor (FRA), Nahia Milhau (FRA), Hina-Maria Conradi (FRA)

Heat 1: Olivier Cassaigne (FRA), Cristian Portelli (SWE), Paolo Giorgi (CNY), Joseph Morris (GBR)
Heat 2: Aurelien Buffet (FRA), Nestor Garcia (ESP), Renan Grainville (FRA), Seth Morris (GBR)
Heat 3: Noa Dupouy (FRA), Manuel Teixeira (PRT), Patrick Langdon-Dark (GBR), Tom Goasguen (FRA)
Heat 4: Joao Vidal (PRT), Noe Ledee (FRA), Edoardo Papa (ITA), Rodrigo Garcia (ESP)
Heat 5: Kike Suarez (ESP), Sean Gunning (ESP), Youri Conradi (FRA), Titouan Veschambre (FRA)
Heat 6: Sam Piter (FRA), Saul Da Silva (ESP), Mattia Migliorini (ITA), Enrique Fernandez (ESP)
Heat 7: Thomas Ledee (FRA), Tomer Linivker (ISR), Titouan Canevet (FRA), Rodrigo Lebre (PRT)
Heat 8: Joaquim Chaves (PRT), Noah Biersack (GBR), Ander Idarraga (ESP), Juan Gorostidi (ESP)
Heat 9: Salvador Couto (PRT), Dorian Gomez (FRA), Stanley Norman (GBR), Nicolas Paulet (FRA)
Heat 10: Gonçalo Vieira (PRT), Jonathan Cohen (ISR), Diego Garcia (ESP), Ricardo De La Hera Suarez (ESP)
Heat 11: Dean Vandewalle (BEL), Borja Malvar (ESP), Gabriel Ortiz (ESP), Taylor McCarthy (FRA)
Heat 12: Issam Auptel (FRA), Gabriel Ribeiro (PRT), Tomas Zarra (ESP), Joao Caldeira (PRT), Jose Champalimaud (PRT)
Heat 13: Sebastião Ramirez (PRT), Arnau Martinez (ESP), Martim Paulino (PRT), Maximilian Hudson (GBR)
Heat 14: Iker Amatriain (ESP), Marco Teichner (DEU), Willoughby Masterman (GBR), Louis Tabere Allamelou (FRA)
Heat 15: Bryan Picon (FRA), Egor Volkov (RUS), Jose Maria Bruschy (PRT), Selyann Zouhir (MAR)
Heat 16: Tomas Ribeiro (PRT), Adur Amatriain (EUK), Neil Aboufiras (MAR), Lucas Desmoucelles (FRA)

Heat 1: Lucia Machado (CNY) 9.17, Mariana Brandao (PRT) 8.33, Nadia Erostarbe (EUK) 8.17
Heat 2: Laura De Los Reyes (CNY) 7.14, Nerea Donaire (ESP) 6.07, Matilde Antunes (PRT) 5.07
Heat 3: Francisca Veselko (PRT) 7.84, Mae Demanez (GLP) 3.44, Beatriz Macedo (PRT) 3.43
Heat 4: Vahine Fierro (PYF) 13.00, Hina-Maria Conradi (FRA) 6.40, Manon Alda (FRA) 5.94

Heat 1: Paolo Giorgi (CNY) 9.07, Seth Morris (GBR) 8.64, Kepa Housset Ezponda (FRA) 7.00, Luan Nogues (FRA) 3.30
Heat 2: Renan Grainville (FRA) 6.57, Joseph Morris (GBR) 3.97, Jakub Kuzia (POL) 3.54
Heat 3: Patrick Langdon-Dark (GBR) 9.70, Rodrigo Garcia (ESP) 6.50, Txomin Lizarraga (EUK) 3.37
Heat 4: Edoardo Papa (ITA) 5.80, Tom Goasguen (FRA) 5.20, Norman Peuron (FRA) 4.67
Heat 5: Youri Conradi (FRA) 9.30, Enrique Fernandez (ESP) 5.73, Joao Caldeira (PRT) 5.37
Heat 6: Matteo Migliorini (ITA) 10.17, Titouan Veschambre (FRA) 9.34, Hugo Merand (FRA) 4.74
Heat 7: Titouan Canevet (FRA) 13.90, Juan Gorostidi (ESP) 12.67, Jose Ribeiro (PRT) 6.73
Heat 8: Ander Idarraga (ESP) 10.60, Rodrigo Lebre (PRT) 9.17, Giulio Caruso (ITA) 6.93, Maksymilian Michalewski (POL) 4.84
Heat 9: Stanley Norman (GBR) 9.00, Ricardo De La Hera Suarez (ESP) 6.53, Carlito Casadebaigt (FRA) 5.20, Mathis Azam (FRA) 5.13
Heat 10: Diego Garcia (ESP) 10.47, Nicolas Paulet (FRA) 8.63, Michael Conlan (PRT) 6.94
Heat 11: Gabriel Ortiz (ESP) 8.30, Jose Champalimaud (PRT) 8.30, Lucas Buatois Figueroa (ESP) 6.47
Heat 12: Tomas Zarra (ESP) 14.67, Taylor McCarthy (FRA) 7.27, Diego Alejandro Pulido (ESP) 5.57
Heat 13: Martim Paulino (PRT) 7.97, Louis Tabere Allamelou (FRA) 7.20, Amar Cayam (ISR) 6.67
Heat 14: Willoughby Masterman (GBR) 9.70, Maximilian Hudson (GBR) 7.70, Matteo Calatri (ITA) 3.70
Heat 15: Jose Maria Bruschy (PRT) 8.97, Lucas Desmoucelles (FRA) 8.57, Paco Peruzzo (ITA) 4.66
Heat 16: Neil Aboufiras (MAR) 13.43, Selyann Zouhir (MAR) 11.73, Nolan Poirier (FRA) 7.77, Andres Mondo Prados (ARG) 5.53

Rio Vista Grand Slam Day 1

Source: International Windsurfing Tour

Diony Guadagnino cruising from his victory.

The Rio Vista Grand Slam kicked off today with wind from the outset.

At the 10 am Skippers, there were 65 Pro and Am riders registered. With an Ebbing tide throughout the day and 15-20mph winds, the day was declared optimal for some Slalom and Free ride action. Heats kicked off swiftly.

A solid pack for the slalom, consisting of 15 Pros and 12 Amateurs, set the scene for an exciting morning of racing and the RVGS crew steamed through 5 Pro and 3 Amateur heats.

Diony Guadagnino of Venezuela was on fire as he laid down the law winning all 5 Pro heats at least 4-5 board lengths ahead of the rest of the Pro pack, on his Loft sail and AHD board. Chasing his every gybe however, was Canadian Pro Phil Soltysiak who came in second for most of the heats followed by local stand out Pro, Jason Voss.

A huge Special mention must go to Arrianne Aukes H-131 who was in the top 5, over all, of all the Pro heats.

By 1.30PM a little break was required allowing Wyatt Miller, Tyson Poor and Kevin Pritchard to get out on their Hydrofoil rigs and wow the crowds with this new addition to the windsurfing family. Wyatt and Tyson really showed off some impressive tricks showing that its possible to take hydro foiling to wild new levels, jumping.

After that minor distraction it was decided some free ride was needed to involve as many as possible in a day of sailing. So the afternoon hosted a mix of 25 Pro/Ams all on the water, for some ‘all or nothing’ figure of 8 Free racing. 10 year old Take Kohama impressed everyone speeding through the crowds coming in the top eight of all 5 heats. Big congrats to this impressive young new talent out there showing how it’s done.

Finally as the sun dropped lower in the sky the Speed Demons hit the strip to see who could clock the fastest time. With testosterone flying and GPS’s fixed to arms, speeds of between 25 and 30mph were recorded. Tension will have to continue to build as we wait for the final results, to be announced after the data has been downloaded.

So, as we go to press, a weary, satisfied, wind swept crowd of riders and supporters, can be found on Sherman Island, in the Rio Vista Delta. All enjoying some cold ones along with Tunes from the infamous Rio Vista Grand Slam resident DJ Guacamole.

Tomorrow Skippers Meeting will be at 8am with an early start expected. The kids races should run around low tide between 2 and 3pm and hopefully a little bit more wind will show up to allow for some spectacular freestyle trickery.

Massive Day Unfolds at Barbados Surf Pro

Source: WSL

Nomme Mignot (FRA) – Image: WSL / Masurel

A vital day of action unfolded at the World Surf League (WSL) Barbados Surf Pro Qualifying Series (QS) 3,000 with both men and women’s Quarterfinal draws decided in improved conditions at Drill Hall Beach. Women’s Round Four, along with men’s Rounds Four and Five, were completed as competitors posted more near-perfect scores and terrific performances. The final day of competition is locked in and two champions will be crowned by tomorrow afternoon for Barbados’ historic, first-ever QS event.

Holly Wawn (AUS) annihilated the line up at Drill Hall Beach with a massive 9.77 (out of a possible 10) for the highest single-scoring wave of the women’s event. The Australian has found her groove throughout this contest, posting an 8.33 in her opening Round Two heat and continued to show that form today in Round Four.

“It was really fun and I definitely got fortunate with a couple of waves under priority with Tia [Blanco] making that first mistake where I got my seven,” Wawn said. “The next one I thought Philippa [Anderson] had and then I just snuck in which ended up being my 9.77 so it’s good to just be paying attention, as well as know the situations. It’s important out there with it being smaller on a break like this to have that mindset and just stay with it. It’s great to make a Quarter, but I really want to make a Final and get those bigger points to set myself up for a good run this year.”

Chelsea Tuach (BRB) has been relentless at her homebreak and posted an 8.50 in her stacked Round Four bout alongside Round Three standout Tessa Thyssen (BLM), French competitor Maud Le Car (FRA), and wildcard selection threat, Kirra Pinkerton (USA). Tuach has already claimed a win earlier this year at the Shoe City Pro QS1,000 and has found her rhythm once again.

“I just had to be aware out there and stay busy since it was a little trickier this morning, but I got a good wave to start and that gave me some confidence,” Tuach said. “I’m feeling really good and it feels great to be moving through rounds with big scores — the nerves are gone and now I’m just excited. This momentum is so key and it’s going to be an action-packed day tomorrow that won’t be easy, every heat is just stacked which is what makes it so exciting. Just like at the Shoe City Pro, I needed to find that momentum through rounds and here I know I can make it all the way — I just have to stay focused.”

An in-form Alessa Quizon (HAW) looked dangerous once again with another heat win to advance through to the Quarterfinals. The Hawaiian needs a result here after two early exits at the QS6,000s Australian leg, but could be on her way to a 3,000-point jumpstart here in Barbados with her 2017 outlook dialed in.

“I haven’t made a finals day this year so far which is nice to break that curse, no matter what the points are it’s just nice to make it to the last day,” Quizon said. “It definitely helps knowing what waves you need to look for since the smaller ones lined up better in that heat, so I’ll be cautious of that in the next one. I almost forgot what it was like to surf on my forehand and I know I’m faster on it than my backhand — it’s nice to find that speed and it’ll all come back to me.”

Also, Chelsea Roett (BRB), Tessa Thyssen (BLM), Brisa Hennessy (HAW), Caroline Marks (USA) and Claire Bevilacqua (AUS) join the action in tomorrow’s Quarterfinals.

A massive day of men’s action followed with the completion of Rounds Four and Five — and big performances followed to set up stacked Quarterfinal bouts.

Sydney, Australia’s Shane Campbell (AUS) ripped apart a heavyweight Round Five matchup with top QS performer Bino Lopes (BRA), and two of the event’s standouts Mateus Herdy (BRA) and Peterson Crisanto (BRA). Campbell has his goals set for 2017 and a big result here would put him on track to attain them, but now must endure a big finals day in Barbados.

“I don’t know if it’s the size, but it seemed to be bowling up a bit better and we had heaps of waves in that heat so I’m stoked,” Campbell said. “I saw that heat before I went in and every one of them is stacked here, you look at who’s left and there hasn’t been an easy heat all event — I was looking forward to it actually. After my Round Four heat I told myself I wanted to get above a sixteen-point heat total because I knew that’s what it takes to win these later rounds. To get that 9.23 just gave me a lot of confidence and I can’t wait to get it going tomorrow for my first finals day this year.”

Nomme Mignot (FRA) finished off Round Five with an electric performance over a massive heat including yesterday’s near-perfect surfer Evan Geiselman (USA), Round Four standout Flavio Nakagima (BRA) and the powerful Weslley Dantas (BRA). Mignot’s strong forehand outmatched that of runner-up Geiselman as both advance to tomorrow’s Quarterfinals — the first finals day of Mignot’s 2017 and one he doesn’t want to go to waste.

“It feels so good to be in the finals day again after over a year of waiting and to make it a QS3,000 is an amazing feeling,” Mignot said. “I’m really happy to have won this heat and make it to man-on-man tomorrow, I feel much more comfortable to only have one other guy out there instead of hassling with four guys who all rip. I know I can do well if I just stay positive and just surf as good as I can, but it will come down to who can find the best waves and just perform.”

An in-form Rafael Teixeira (BRA), alongside fellow Brazilian Bino Lopes (BRA), former CT competitor Keanu Asing (HAW), and local Barbadian Josh Burke (BRB) joing Mignot, Campbell and Geiselman in the Quarterfinals.

Event organizers will reconvene for tomorrow’s 7:30 a.m. EDT call to determine an 8:00 a.m. start for either men’s or women’s Quarterfinal draws.

Upcoming Barbados Surf Pro QS3,000 Men’s Quarterfinal Matchups:
QF 1: Shane Campbell (AUS) vs. Santiago Muniz (ARG)
QF 2: Bino Lopes (BRA) vs. Rafael Teixeira (BRA)
QF 3: Josh Burke (BRB) vs. Evan Geiselman (USA)
QF 4: Keanu Asing (HAW) vs. Nomme Mignot (FRA)

Upcoming Barbados Surf Pro QS3,000 Women’s Quarterfinal Matchups:
QF 1: Alessa Quizon (HAW) vs. Chelsea Roett (BRB)
QF 2: Caroline Marks (USA) vs. Holly Wawn (AUS)
QF 3: Claire Bevilacqua (AUS) vs. Tessa Thyssen (BLM)
QF 4: Brisa Hennessy (HAW) vs. Chelsea Tuach (BRB)

Barbados Surf Pro QS3,000 Women’s Round Four Results:
Heat 1: Alessa Quizon (HAW) 14.50, Caroline Marks (USA) 13.90, Mikaela Greene (AUS) 10.66, Brittany Penaroza (HAW) 8.20
Heat 2: Holly Wawn (AUS) 17.10, Chelsea Roett (BRB) 15.17, Tia Blanco (USA) 14.60, Philippa Anderson (AUS) 14.60
Heat 3: Claire Bevilacqua (AUS) 13.93, Brisa Hennessy (HAW) 12.10, Mahina Maeda (HAW) 11.10, Bailey Nagy (HAW) 6.07
Heat 4: Chelsea Tuach (BRB) 16.17, Tessa Thyssen (BLM) 13.60, Maud Le Car (FRA) 8.27, Kirra Pinkerton (USA) 5.40

Barbados Surf Pro QS3,000 Men’s Round Five Results:
Heat 1: Shane Campbell (AUS) 17.23, Bino Lopes (BRA) 16.43, Peterson Crisanto (BRA) 13.34, Mateus Herdy (BRA) 12.17
Heat 2: Rafael Teixeira (BRA) 15.74, Santiago Muniz (ARG) 11.17, Soli Bailey (AUS) 10.66, Seth Moniz (HAW) 7.50
Heat 3: Josh Burke (BRB) 15.70, Keanu Asing (HAW) 15.66, Tanner Hendrickson (HAW) 12.90, Daiki Tanaka (JPN) 12.43
Heat 4: Nomme Mignot (FRA) 16.03, Evan Geiselman (USA) 14.93, Weslley Dantas (BRA) 14.83, Flavio Nakagima (BRA) 13.77

Barbados Surf Pro QS3,000 Men’s Round Four Results:
Heat 1: Peterson Crisanto (BRA) 12.87, Santiago Muniz (ARG) 12.36, Victor Bernardo (BRA) 9.80, Hiroto Arai (JPN) 7.10
Heat 2: Mateus Herdy (BRA) 14.60, Soli Bailey (AUS) 15.54, Timothee Bisso (GLP) 13.54, Deivid Silva (BRA) 11.64
Heat 3: Rafael Teixeira (BRA) 17.00, Shane Campbell (AUS) 14.33, Andy Criere (ESP) 11.57, Tomas Fernandes (PRT) 11.50
Heat 4: Seth Moniz (HAW) 15.83, Bino Lopes (BRA) 13.66, Gatien Delahaye (FRA) 12.17, Mikey Wright (AUS) 9.30
Heat 5: Keanu Asing (HAW) 14.84, Nomme Mignot (FRA) 10.83, Lucas Silveira (BRA) 10.66, Michael Dunphy (USA) 10.36
Heat 6: Daiki Tanaka (JPN) 11.97, Weslley Dantas (BRA) 11.60, Bruce Mackie (BRB) 10.60, Hiroto Ohhara (JPN) 2.23
Heat 7: Evan Geiselman (USA) 15.70, Tanner Hendrickson (HAW) 15.50, Ricardo Christie (NZL) 14.50, Luel Felipe (BRA) 9.33
Heat 8: Flavio Nakagima (BRA) 15.63, Josh Burke (BRB) 15.50, Robson Santos (BRA) 15.03, Alex Ribeiro (BRA) 14.83

Gilmore and Wright Win on the Gold Coast

Surfer makes inspiring return

Owen Wright
Owen Wright (AUS) celebrates winning the Quiksilver Pro Gold Cast as he is chaired up the beach by brother Mikey and sister Tyler. Credit: WSL/Cestari

Owen Wright (AUS) and Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) claimed victory today at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast, the opening stop on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT), in four-to-six foot (1 – 2 m) waves at the world-famous Snapper Rocks. An incredible finals day delivered two Australian event champions, and both Wright and Gilmore will take the coveted Jeep Leaders’ Jersey heading into the next event on the CT, the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

Wright claimed his third CT victory today by defeating close friend and teammate Matt Wilkinson (AUS) in what was one of the most inspiring comebacks in surfing history. Wright sat out the entire 2016 season due to a career-threatening, traumatic brain injury he suffered on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii in 2015 and the Quiksilver Pro marked his triumphant return to the Championship Tour after accepting the injury wildcard for 2017. The win today is his best ever result on the Gold Coast and earns Wright the top spot on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“At the start of February, I was sitting in the doctor’s office and there were question marks on the year,” Wright said. “So to be sitting here right now, we just pushed hard and went hard. I confronted every fear of getting back into it. There were a lot of fears I needed to push through in order to get back into the sport and back into what pretty much took me out and could have taken me out forever. I kept going and kept doing it. I am just so stoked.

“I couldn’t have done it without all the support of my friends and family, including my partner and my little baby boy,” continued Wright. “We just kept going and the team just kept saying, ‘Keep breaking it down,’ and ‘Keep going Owen, keeping getting back there.’ This is what I love. This is what I love doing.”
The Quiksilver Pro final saw Wright take on Wilkinson in a thrilling battle of the goofy-footers. Both surfers went wave for wave, but it was Wright who claimed the win with an excellent 8.33 and 6.33 by showcasing his powerful backhand snaps. Wilkinson, with two 6-point rides, was not able to deliver the required scores to defend his event title.

Defending event winner Wilkinson dispatched world champions Joel Parkinson (AUS) and John John Florence (HAW) en route to his second consecutive Gold Coast Final. With two previous CT wins under his belt, the runner-up finish takes Wilkinson up from 5th to 2nd on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“To be in another Final here is a dream,” said Wilkinson. “I obviously wanted to win but Owen [Wright] has made me cry about five times this week. To see him last year was one of the toughest things I’ve ever seen and for Owen to be in the this event is one of the most amazing things, but to go and win is incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to beat me. He’s inspired me so much and to come back and do this is unreal.

“Coming into the event this year I did have a sneaky bit of confidence but you do think about all the work that the others have put in on the off season,” continued Wilkinson. “Now I guess I feel a lot more confident and I feel like my surfing is the best it’s ever been so I’m really excited to go for the World Title.”

2016 WSL Champion Florence was eliminated by eventual runner-up Wilkinson by a narrow margin of 0.40 in the Semifinals. Florence’s 3rd place finish is his best result on the Gold Coast and most successful start to the Championship Tour season. Florence will go into the next event ranked 3rd on the Jeep Leaderboard with the goal of reclaiming the Jeep Leader Jersey from Wright.

“In heats like that, there is isn’t too much that I could’ve done differently,” Florence said. “It is funny because almost the identical thing happened to me last year against Stuart Kennedy, but I am stoked. Third place is the best I’ve done here at Snapper. We’ve got such a long year ahead. Anything can happen and I’m excited. I’m happy. I am going to head over to Margaret River early and try to get barreled before everyone gets there.”

Wright took out 2014 WSL Champion Gabriel Medina (BRA) in an intense Semifinal match-up. Compared to his 13th place result last season, Medina’s 3rd place finish offers a strong start to his 2017 World Title campaign. Medina is now ranked 3rd on the Jeep Leaderboard.

The six-time WSL Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) claimed her sixth Roxy Pro title today after defeating Lakey Peterson (USA) in the Final. Today’s win marks Gilmore’s 25th elite tour victory and her first since the Cascais Women’s Pro in 2014. The result will move Gilmore up from 6th to 1st on the Jeep Rankings.

“I can’t believe it, I’ve been visualizing holding that trophy so much,” Gilmore said. “It was so hard against Lakey [Peterson]. I’m so happy to have all the support from everyone here and there’s nothing better than winning at home.”

Gilmore previously dispatched three-time WSL Champion Carissa Moore (HAW) in the Quarterfinals with a perfect 10-point ride and compatriot Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) in the Semifinals. Moore, who came into the event ranked third in the world, will move to fifth. Fitzgibbons’ Semifinal berth will see her climb up five places to third on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“I haven’t had the yellow jersey for a while and it’s going to feel so good to put that on,” continued Gilmore. “Getting to win an event again was really cool and it feels really rewarding to win. It’s so far from here but I’d love to win another World Title. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to win here, in the greatest place on earth in my eyes.”

The Roxy Pro Final saw Gilmore and Peterson do battle for the win. Peterson got to work early, posting two mid-range scores, but local favorite Gilmore kicked things off with a commanding 7.93 on her opening ride. Gilmore continued to pull out all the stops with big fin-throws and sharp turns to earn an excellent 8.67, putting more pressure on the Californian, who was not able to answer back. This Final marks the pair’s fourth head-to-head match-up, with Gilmore taking the win each time.

Peterson has been on a tear throughout the competition, posting consistently high scores including a perfect 10 in Round 2 and the two highest heat totals of the Roxy Pro. Peterson previously defeated Johanne Defay (FRA) in the Semifinals and reigning WSL Champion and defending event winner Tyler Wright (AUS) in the Quarterfinals en route to the Final.

With one event win so far during her six year career on the Championship Tour, at the US Open of Surfing in 2012, today is her best result at Snapper Rocks, having previously made the Semifinals in 2014 where she was defeated by Bianca Buitendag (ZAF). Today’s result sees her move up from 13th to 2nd place on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“I can’t complain too much with the result,” Peterson said. “I just missed it by one spot so it keeps the fire lit in me. It stings a little, but I really think I put together a great contest and did my absolute best. It was a really fun time and I’m so stoked the waves worked out as well, we got pumping surf for this event. To compete against Stephanie [Gilmore] here gives me chills and is one to remember.

“Margaret River is a big shift, but I’m excited this year,” Peterson continued. “I feel pretty comfortable in the bigger stuff now so I hope we get some waves. Everyone is surfing so well this year so it’s really fun to be part of it. I want to win the World Title for sure. After sitting on the sidelines and watching Tyler [Wright] dominate last year, I wanted to tap into that and come out guns blazing.”

Reigning WSL Champion and defending event winner Tyler Wright (AUS) was eliminated by Peterson in the Quarterfinals. Wright, with a 9.93 two-wave combined score, could not find the waves to escape Peterson’s near-perfect 9.27 and 7.83. Wright’s 5th place result will move her from first to 5th on the Jeep Leaderboard heading into the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

“We really missed Lakey [Peterson] on tour last year so it’s amazing to have her back,” Wright said. “She came out hard and put me on the back foot and I never really got back on the front. This is a new year so I’m not going to focus too much on last year. It was tough but all and all I’m pretty happy with how I surfed.”

In their eighth head-to-head match-up, Medina earned his sixth win over 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater (USA) in the all-star Quarterfinal heat. The battle for the win came down to the dying seconds where both put all on the line in their last ride. Medina came away with the win after being awarded a near-perfect 9.17 to Slater’s 7.50. The four-time event winner will be eliminated with a 5th place result to kickstart his hunt for a 12th World Title.

2017 CT Rookie Connor O’Leary (AUS) put up a solid fight against Owen Wright in the Quarters. With a slow start to the heat, the critical exchanges came down to the final minute where Wright got the edge to take the win. As the only rookie to make it this far in the men’s event, O’Leary’s Rookie of the Year campaign is looking strong. He will head into the next event moving up to 5th on the Jeep Leaderboard.

En route to the Semifinals, Florence knocked out Brazilian challenger Italo Ferreira (BRA) in the Quarterfinals. Ferreira will earn an Equal 5th place finish, his best ever result on the Gold Coast.

The next stop on the 2017 WSL Championship Tour is the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro in Western Australia from March 29 to April 9.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Final Results:
1 – Owen Wright (AUS) 14.66
2 – Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 13.50

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Semifinal Results (1st to SF, 2nd = 5th):
SF 1: Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 15.90 def. John John Florence (HAW) 15.50
SF 2: Owen Wright (AUS) 15.74 def. Gabriel Medina (BRA) 10.44

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Quarterfinal Results (1st to SF, 2nd = 5th):
QF 1: Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 15.00 def. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 12.37
QF 2: John John Florence (HAW) 14.86 def. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 12.33
QF 3: Owen Wright (AUS) 13.00 def. Connor O’Leary (AUS) 11.76
QF 4: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 14.34 def. Kelly Slater (USA) 13.83

2017 WSL Men’s Jeep Leaderboard (After Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast):
1 – Owen Wright (AUS) 10,000 pts
2 – Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 8,000 pts
3 – John John Florence (HAW) 6,500 pts
3 – Gabriel Medina (BRA) 6,500 pts

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Final Results:
1 – Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 16.60
2 – Lakey Peterson (USA) 12.66

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Semifinal Results (1st, 2nd):
SF 1: Lakey Peterson (USA) 18.60 def. Johanne Defay (FRA) 13.70
SF 2: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 16.27 def. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 14.86

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Quarterfinal Results (1st to SF, 2nd = 5th):
QF 1: Johanne Defay (FRA) 13.44 def. Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) 9.50
QF 2: Lakey Peterson (USA) 17.10 def. Tyler Wright (AUS) 9.93
QF 3: Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 14.00 def. Keely Andrew (AUS) 13.63
QF 4: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 17.50 def. Carissa Moore (HAW) 13.83

2017 WSL Women’s Jeep Leaderboard (After Roxy Pro Gold Coast):
1 – Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 10,000 pts
2 – Lakey Peterson (USA) 8,000 pts
3 – Johanne Defay (FRA) 6,500 pts
3 – Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 6,500 pts

For more information, check out

Nautique Wake Series returns for 2017

Source: World Wakeboard Association

The World Wake Association (WWA) and Nautique Boat Company are proud to announce the return of the Nautique Wake Series for 2017 with four action-packed events worldwide. Exclusively towed behind the industry-leading Super Air Nautique G23, each Nautique Wake Series event represents the pinnacle of wakeboarding competition in conjunction with the WWA Wakeboard World Series.

Each year, the Nautique Wake Series attracts an international field of top pro athletes and competitors in all WWA amateur divisions in a family friendly environment that puts riders first. The competitive bar is raised at every event as riders continue to push the progression of wakeboarding behind 4X Wakeboard and 3X Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23.

Pro Men, Pro Women, Jr. Pro Men and Pro Wakeskate athletes compete throughout the season with over $30,000 (USD) in additional overall prize money on the line for the overall Nautique Wake Series title. It all comes down to the final stop with overall and world champions crowned at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships.

“Competitive wakeboarding doesn’t get any better than the Nautique Wake Series. The best riding of the season goes down behind the Super Air Nautique G23 and the entire wakeboarding community comes together at each stop around the world. It’s an awesome experience for everyone and I’m looking forward to another year of amazing crowds and big wakes in 2017,” said Team Nautique athlete Mike Dowdy.

The 2017 Nautique Wake Series kicks off on the largest international stage in watersports with stop number one at the Nautique Moomba Masters in Melbourne, Australia. Stop two will take place in the heart of wakeboarding for the Nautique Wake Open in Orlando, Florida. The Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships returns to Acworth, Georgia for stop number three and the fourth and final stop will take place in Toronto, Canada for the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships during the Canadian National Exhibition.

“Nautique is thrilled to kick off the third season of the Nautique Wake Series. Recognized as the premier series in wake, the family-oriented format is dedicated to growing the sport including Amateur, Junior and Pro divisions pulled by our industry-leading G23,” stated Nautique President Greg Meloon. “As the global market continues to grow, we’re excited to put the G23 on the biggest stages in wakeboarding.”

2017 Nautique Wake Series Schedule:

Stop #1: Nautique Moomba Masters
March 8-13 in Melbourne, Australia (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #2: Nautique Wake Open
April 27-30 in Orlando, FL (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #3: Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships
August 3-6 in Acworth, GA (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #4: Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships
August 24-27 in Toronto, Canada (WWA-WBWS)

For more information on the Nautique Wake Series click here.

Nautique Big Dawg World Tour Stops Revealed

Source: Nautique

Image Credit: Nautique

Nautique has announced the dates and locations for the 2017 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour presented by O’Brien. Going into its 12th season, the Big Dawg World Tour is exclusively pulled by the world-record setting Ski Nautique 200.

For the 2017 season, the tour will include 4 qualifying stops around the globe at premier waterski venues as the top 34-mph slalom skiers who are 35+ battle it out for a spot in the Big Dawg World Tour Finals.

Each stop will include two rounds of 34-mph slalom action, followed by a bracketed 16-skier head-to-head finale.

“O’Brien is extremely proud to be once again supporting the Nautique Big Dawg World Tour,” said O’Brien General Manager Pete Surrette. “This has truly become the premier tour for the 34-mph slalom skiers who are over 35,” added Surrette.

“The Nautique Big Dawg World Tour is an incredible showcase for the sport,” stated Nautique President Greg Meloon. “This elite series brings 34-mph skiers from around the world together behind the Ski Nautique 200, and we are very excited to be able to host another season with the support of O’Brien,” Meloon added.

Stop #1 – May 13-14 at the Greater Miami Ski Club, Miami, FL USA
Stop #2 – June 10-11 at Ezylake, Rue Pierre Mendes, France
Stop #3 – July 1-2 at the Seseña Waterski Complex, Seseña, Spain
Stop #4 – August 5-6 at the Little Mountain Ski Club, Maiden, NC, USA

For more information regarding official rules and regulations for the 2017 Nautique Big Dawg World Tour please visit

Vans World Cup Winner to Be Decided Today

Source: WSL

Conditions look highly contestable for the final day of the Vans World Cup. Image: WSL / Chlala

A new pulse of swell filled in over night and the Finals day at the Vans World Cup of Surfing is ON today in 8-10ft. NW to NNW with light ESE offshore winds at Sunset Beach.

The Round of 32 will get a start at 8am HST, followed by the Quarterfinals at noon, Semifinals at 2pm and the Final at 3:20pm.

“The swell bumped back up a little and Sunset is still firing,” said Travis Logie, Deputy Commissioner. “Very happy to have the QS culminate and careers decided at Sunset Beach in great waves. We look forward to a really exciting Finals day.”

The second stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, the Vans World Cup is a World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) 10,000 rated event – the last of the season. Today will both make and break careers as athletes battle to find a spot in the 2017 WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour.

First in the water this morning is Matt Wilkinson (AUS), Deivid Silva (BRA), Jack Freestone (AUS) and Ian Gouveia (BRA). Other standout performances are anticipated in Heat 2 of Round 4 with local surfer Ezekiel Lau (HAW), Heat 4 with current World Champ John John Florence (HAW) and Heat 6 with 11x World Champion Kelly Slater (USA).

A regional news feed will be distributed around 2pm HST with feeds of the Semifinalists. An official press release and image gallery will follow after the competition concludes along with a highlight edit to relive all the action. Catch it online at the Vans World Cup event page on or at

The Vans World Cup of Surfing, a WSL Men’s QS10,000 rated event, is scheduled from November 24 – December 6, 2016 and runs in conjunction with the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing specialty series along the North Shore of Oahu.