This guy can make terrifying waves look easy!

Aussie Noah Lane was in Ireland this winter to surf the biggest, scariest waves he could find and he scored big time.

Filmmaker Fionn Rogers was lucky enough to hook up with the Gold Coast ripper and had this to say about the video he made, Atlantic Froth: “This was one of those projects that really just fell together. Noah and myself didn’t really have a plan for this clip. Basically he’s put a lot of time in this winter and has caught some amazing waves. The stars aligned and I managed to have been lucky enough to link up with him out in the water. Big Thanks to Guy Mac for the land footage, it really helped give scale to what Noah was paddling into. I also want to thank all the lads for looking out for me on the jet skis, especially Paul O Kane who has been my guardian out there, having that extra bit of safety and experience out at Mullaghmore is a real peace of mind. There is a great crew and scene at the moment growing in the Irish surf community. I feel very privileged to be a part of this during this time, whilst being surrounded by such a beautiful landscape’s and wild coast. Hope you enjoy the clip.” Well said, Fionn.

Source: EpicTV