SALT LIFE continues its commitment to marine conservation

Image: Roatan Marine Park

Salt Life, one of today’s leading lifestyle brands, has announced a partnership with the Roatan Marine Park (RMP), located in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. The partnership will encompass ongoing efforts in raising awareness and aid in the care and preservation of the reef and marine ecological system on and around the Island of Roatan. For further information, please visit Roatan Marine Park.

Salt Life will provide needed resources to RMP from content generation, apparel for staff, social media outreach and various other contributions. Salt Life President Jeff Stillwell, an avid diver and conservationist, says, “Without preservation, education and conservation, our mission is moot. Living the Salt Life is a way of life and with our relationship with RMP, we are able to provide funding and awareness to one of the world’s largest reefs.”

“We are looking forward to building this relationship and working closely with the team on the Island of Roatan. We are also excited to bring our Salt Life team members to the area to film the ongoing efforts of this beautiful and important area of the world,” he continues.

Giacomo Palavicini, Executive Director of Roatan Marine Park adds, “We are honored and thrilled to have Salt Life partner with us. We are a rapidly developing island and face a number of challenges daily. Our focus on engaging diverse community stakeholders to aid in developing solutions that can ensure long-term, sustainable management of our natural resources is paramount in achieving our mission.”

The Roatan Marine Park (RMP) started in 2005 as a grassroots, community based, non-profit organization and is now internationally recognized with 501c3 status in the USA.

The RMP is also one of 13 co-managers of the National Marine Park of the Bay Islands. The aim is to work together with local NGO’s to protect natural resources for the future.

The RMP’s focus is on developing solutions that ensure long term, sustainable management of natural resources. The RMP recognizes that long term resource sustainability can only be achieved through improved education, community empowerment and participation.

The scope of work the organization undertakes to preserve and protect the area ranges from marine infrastructure, patrolling, education and community development plus extensive involvement in many other environmental efforts.

The focus of these programs is to protect the reef by reducing over fishing, endangered species trade, pollution and other harmful risks by providing sustainable options, alternative livelihoods and raising awareness. This is all achieved by education and empowerment of the local communities and tourists alike.

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Source: Salt Life