Capture POV with HoStevie GoPro Mouth Mount

Don’t know about the HoStevie GoPro mouth mount? Let us introduce you! HoStevie was created by Wisconsin native Steven Mara. Mara’s love of surfing eventually led him to Southern California where he was able to take advantage of great waves all throughout the year.

His passion spilled over into his daily life, and as he brainstormed ideas to get the perfect point of view surfing video, HoStevie was born. Drawing on friends, advanced technology at the San Diego Public Library, and his own knowledge of the sport of surfing, Steven created them HoStevie GoPro Mouth Mount – a device that enables surfers to capture point of view video while still being able to shred waves.

“I surf because I love it. And I invented the GoPro Mouth Mount because I want other people to love surfing as much as I do.”

Ian - HoStevie
Image Credit: HoStevie

Mara’s interest in capturing perfect point-of-view surfing video lead to the founding of HoStevie. Mara realized the GoPro camera, which can withstand water and impact, was the perfect vehicle for filming surfing videos – but there was no existing mount that made any sense with the sport. A handheld GoPro impedes paddling and inhibits balance.

Wearing the GoPro around the neck makes for uncomfortable surfing and unstable video. But a mouth mount allows the surfer to control the shot and his board.

Many surfers were already using homemade mouth mounts. But these were often crude, non-standardized, and could prevent easy breathing or harm the mouth. Mara’s solution: make a soft silicone mouthpiece that allowed air to enter, kept water out, and allowed a surfer to wield his GoPro to capture amazing, point-of-view footage.

Mara went to an old friend to draw up his design in a CAD program. Then, he looked for a 3D printer where he could begin his experimenting. Luckily for him, Mara’s adopted home of San Diego had embraced the technology, and had 3D printers, along with expert volunteers in the public library. He took his design file to the library, and began work on the HoStevie GoPro Mouth Mount.

“Breathing and control are important when you’re trying to stay atop a board, moving at top speeds – having a mouth mount for your camera will let you take steady breaths, stay balanced, and get an incredible action shot.”

After a few rounds of prototypes, Mara purchased his own 3D printer in order to tweak his mount until perfection was achieved. Once the prototype was perfect, Mara invested in an injection mold, allowing the mounts to be manufactured from durable polycarbonate.

HoStevie mouthpiece-colors

Now HoStevie exclusively vends the GoPro Mouth Mount, and ships both nationally and across the globe. With 12 colors of mounts, 10 colors of mouthpieces, seven colors of bolts, and seven colors of bands there are more than 5,000 color combinations – a highly customizable product for athletes who thrive on fun and individuality.

We encourage you to visit the HoStevie website to learn more and get your own!