Do You Know Why Jobe Aero SUPs are so lightweight?

Image: Jobe

Jobe Aero SUPS are one of the lightest boards on the market. They are making use of the latest construction methods and production techniques. To make the boards extra strong, the bottom and upper layer consist of two actual layers of PVC. One would think this would make the board two times as heavy, but not the Jobe boards!

The reason for that is that when the board is inflated, the first two layers are held together by hundreds of nylon threads. This method is called the drop-stitch technology, because the nylon threads are stitched in the first two layers of PVC. These threads give the SUP-board its form.

On top of the two PVC layers that hold the nylon threads, the second PVC layer is applied. Jobe Aero SUP-boards are unique in that these two layers are pressed together by a machine, a new innovative technique! Normally this is done by hand and it takes many extra glue. Jobe boards therefore contain less glue. The weight of glue for a total board can be up to 2KGs! The result: a much lighter board. Check out the size table below to see the weight of the Jobe boards!

SUP Board weight (incl. fins)
Aero SUP 9.4 7.2 KG
Aero SUP 10.0 8.0 KG
Aero SUP 10.6 9.0 KG
Aero SUP 11.6 9.3 KG
Aero SUP 12.6  9.5 KG
Aero YOGA SUP 10.6 10.0 KG

Source: Jobe