Slingshot Sports introduces 7 Nation and new brand strategy

Slingshot Sports was founded in 1999 and continues to be a global leader in watersports equipment. Over the years we have successfully built brand identity in kiteboarding, wakeboarding and the SUP market. Additionally we have built and ran our new factory.

7 Nation is being formed to be the new parent company to serve our existing brand and a few new ones. They are; Slingshot, Moonshine MFG and The Distillery. According to Jeff Logosz Co Founder and CEO of 7 Nation “7 Nation will be an asset for each of our consumer brands and our manufacturing brand. This new structure will allow for each brand to maintain an independent brand identity. It will also allow each brand to independently leverage their specialized core competencies while maintaining a sharp focus. 7 Nation will serve to find cost savings and other natural synergies on the back end. Our new 7 Nation brand strategy encourages B2B transparency while boosting our end user experience for each brand. “

slinsghot - moonshine - the distillery

The mission of each brand is as follows:

7 Nation: B2B transparency, and aligning internal brand interest and resources to achieve success for our global distribution partners and dealers.

Slingshot Sports: Produce industry leading consumer products and user experiences for Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, and SUP.

Moonshine MFG: Produce Longboard Skate and fashionable consumer products.

The Distillery: Produce Handcrafted USA made products for Slingshot, Moonshine MFG, Remote Wakeskates and other OEM opportunities.

Source: Slingshot Sports