Surf Expo: Turq Renegade Collection Premiere

Image Credit: Turq

Turq is the ultimate sportbrief engineered to empower active guys to challenge life without the chafe. 

Before Turqs, guys suffered from uncomfortable chafing – sometimes as a result of wearing unlined boardshorts, mesh-lined swimsuits, sweaty workout gear, rain-soaked hiking shorts.

Without options in active underwear guys had no choice but to be rubbed the wrong way.

If you’ve ever wondered what to wear under swimsuits or boardshorts, cycling shorts, hiking shorts or even a wetsuit, Turq is the answer.

Renegade, New for Spring 2015

Ride, Surf, Sail, Hike like a Renegade. The Renegade collection with its daring color-mix takes rebellion up a level. Active guys can meet any challenge with confidence as Turqs protect them from chafe, keep them dry and odor-free. The Renegade Collection is engineered with the new Turq branded waistband.

Three color options:

Storm – an intense combination, deep colors in contrast
Camo – a modern take on the season’s pattern pick
Ocean – featured at right, blended cool sea shades

Men’s Sizes S-M-L-XL
MSRP Men’s $34

Turq Technology – Every pair is:

1.  Non-chafing
• Seamlessly knit
• No seams front, back or sides 2.  Super quick-dry:
• Engineered with hydrophobic fibers
• Patent-pending design promotes airflow where needed to allow moisture to escape
3. Anti-Microbial
• Silver infused fibers eliminate odor causing bacteria
• Keeps you stink free
4. Athletically styled with 8% spandex, the briefs hold close to your skin, but aren’t uncomfortably compressive.
5. Chlorine-safe so the color won’t fade

See the entire Turq collection including Men’s and Youth sizes at

Source: Turq