Jobe’s specially designed SUP clothing

Image: Jobe

The Jobe discover series is special clothing designed for both on and off your SUP board. No need to pack a bag with extra clothes. The Discover sportswear series has a casual look, making it perfect to wear during every kind of leisure activity. Start off your day by grabbing a quick coffee at that new barista in town, spend the rest of the morning on your SUP exploring the city’s canals, then go for a well deserved lunch at your favorite lunch room and spend the rest of the afternoon by SUP on that beautiful lake just outside town. All of that in just one outfit!

Jobe is the first SUP brand that releases a special clothing range for SUP. Not only does this technical-advanced clothing look good, it has some awesome features. The most important one is the quick dry function on this clothing range. Once you start looking closer you will also notice it is different from what you have seen before!

Normally the quick dry function will become less effective when you wash it or start sweating in it. The quick dry will last a while but will lose its effectiveness during the season. But not our Discovery Clothing! It has special Quick Dry threading which is sown throughout the clothing, making it impossible to wash out!

As from March the Discover Series will be available on, but you can already pre order.

Source: Jobe