Naish’s Kai Lenny and Kody Kerbox lead in the Waterman League Overall Ranking

Kai Lenny © Harry Weiwel/Waterman League

As we approach the close of an incredible season for both the World Tour and Series, the Waterman League has decided to create an Overall World Ranking to compliment the individual Surf and Race World Titles and crown an Overall World Champion.

Claiming the Overall World Title is Naish’s Kai Lenny, who had an incredible year this year on both the Stand Up World Surfing Tour and Stand Up World Racing Season. In a dramatic close to the World Series, he was able to retain his World Title in one of the most exciting Racing heats the sport has ever seen. Meanwhile on the Surfing Tour, Kai won three out of four events this year to convincingly take his third World Title in Surfing, making it a dominant year for the young Champion from Maui.

Kody Kerbox also caps an incredible year on both the Surfing World Tour and Racing World Series, with a fourth place overall in the surf and a sixth place overall in racing, placing him in an impressive second place overall for the year.  With strong finishes all year on the Surfing World Tour, Kody has taken his surfing to a whole new level: coming into the La Torche Pro France in third, he still only shifted down one place to fourth. Meanwhile in the racing, consistent top five finishes throughout the year boosted Kody into sixth place overall, making it quite a year for the 2011 Rookie of the Year.

Kody Kerbox
Kody Kerbox © Harry Weiwel/Waterman League
Casper Steinfath
Casper Steinfath © Harry Weiwel/Waterman League

With a Hawaii dominated top five, Denmark’s Casper Steinfath breaks the mold, and in doing so lays the foundations for a strong European following in both surfing and racing. Casper’s performance this year on the Stand Up World Series was one to remember, as he consistently posted Podium finishes across all major events, allowing him to finish in an impressive fourth place overall in Racing. On the Surfing World Tour, his year started as he took down his childhood hero Bonga Perkins from Hawaii at Sunset Beach on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore. His finish was enough to propel him into fifth place overall for the year across both disciplines: an incredible and inspiring performance from Naish’s Viking!

Noa Ginella
Noa Ginella © Harry Weiwel/Waterman League

Noa Ginella, another of Naish’s most talented, has also shown he’s a force to be reckoned with by putting together some impressive finishes during the Racing World Series in 2013, propelling himself to sixth overall across both disciplines for the year. An amazing performance from the young talent from Oahu’s fabled North Shore.

Riggs Napoleon
Riggs Napoleon © Harry Weiwel/Waterman League

It was quite a year for Riggs Napoleon as he too made his mark with a series of remarkable finishes in racing and wave riding, boosting his way to ninth overall. This strong competitor will no doubt, be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming year as he continues perfecting his training and pushing the limits in all disciplines.

Congratulations to all of our team riders! Looking forward to the 2014 season…it’s going to be nail biting!

Overall Rankings:
1)    Kai Lenny
2)    Kody Kerbox
3)    Mo Freitas
4)    Zane Schweitzer
5)    Casper Steinfath
6)    Noa Ginella
7)    Connor Baxter
8)    Fernando Stalla
9)    Riggs Napoleon
10)  Josh Riccio

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