Massive day of surfing at Lances Right

Source: WSL

John Mark Tokong – Image: Tim Hain/ASC

The second round of the Mentawai Pro presented by Rip Curl has been completed in outstanding conditions at the world famous break of Lance’s Right. Competitors were greeted once again with clean four-foot waves for one of the World Surf League’s (WSL) most remote Qualifying Series (QS) event.

After taking out the Cloud 9 QS1,000 in September last year, John Mark Tokong (PHL) was always going to be dangerous in the right-hand barrels of Lance’s. The young Filipino used an impressive mixture of rail surfing and tube riding to post a heat total of 14.00 (out of a possible 20) and progress to the next round.

“I’m so happy to be at this amazing wave,” Tokong said. “The waves are a perfect size an just so fun. I’m hoping I can continue to make heats against these amazing surfers. This wave is close to Cloud 9 at home so I feel comfortable in these types of waves.”

One of Balinese surfing’s favourite sons, Pepen Hendrick (IDN)showed his ability to adapt with the conditions as a light on-shore breeze crept up during his Round 2 heat. Known for his amazing ability in the tube, both back and forehand, Hendrick was forced to hit big turns to post a heat total of 15.00 and take the heat win.

“I would have preferred more barrels in that heat,” Hendrick said. “When the wind changed it was good for turns so I had to focus on my turns and not so much on the barrel. I was so stoked to get that 8.50, it felt really good.”

For the second day in a row, Californian Skip McCullough (USA) posted huge single wave score of a 9.35 for a long tight tube that never seemed like letting him out. In a heat with minimal barrels on offer, McCullough knew what to look for and it paid off for the win.

Skip McCoullough - Image: Tim Hain/ASC
Skip McCoullough – Image: Tim Hain/ASC

“I did not think I was coming out of that barrel,” McCullough said.” When I was watching it earlier I could see that there was makeable ones but the light on-shore was making people hesitate to pull in so I knew if I could come out of one I would get a score, then I found that drainer and somehow came out the end.”

In the final heat of Round 2, the wind went back to perfect and the barrels began to open up. This worked perfectly for Tele Vanner’s (AU game plan, which was to wait patiently until a hollow one would come through. His patience was rewarded when he found one of the most hollow waves of the afternoon to post a 9.00.

“That one barrel had a really good angle on it,” Vanner said. “ It was a pretty intense tube, I just had to hold on and hope I’d pop out. I knew I would have to find a hollow one to have a chance, even though I was ready to do turns. This place is so magical, waking up and looking at that wave every day, I’ve never had an event in waves quite like this.”

The Final day of the Mentawai Pro presented by Rip Curl will be completed today and a champion will be crowned.