Killer Surfing Hawaiian Style With Matt Meola (Video)

Matt Meola
Image: EpicTV

Lift the lid on Matt Meola’s creative mind as he gets country with his buddies – son’s of legendary Willie Nelson – and sister, fires off airs in Maui juice and hunts and fishes for his dinners.

Its a charmed life growing up on the islands and Matt and his crew take full advantage of the plentiful Hawaiian pleasures. “Every hunt is different,” says Matt, “like every wave is different”. Same could be said of Matt’s surfing and if you want proof just check out the closing trick of the clip, Matt’s very own “Spindle Flip.”

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Traditional surfboards carved from native Hawaiian wood

The final episode of EpicTV’s Board Stories focuses on Tom Stone and the traditional surfboard he carves with his own hands from native Hawaiian wood. Tom had been a professional surfer in the 1970s, a Pipeline pioneer, Surfer magazine cover star as well as an avid waterman, windsurfing champion and North Shore lifeguard.

Once he heard the old call though he turned academic and educator, completing three Masters Degrees in Polynesian Studies and becoming a professor at the University of Hawaii. “I went back to what I had learned from my Dad and started carving boards,’’ says Tom in this episode. “I wanted to know if some things were fallacies in the surfing world. How much had been made up and what part of our known history was the truth or not.”

He does this by re-creating the ancient surfboard making traditions and then simply doing what he loves; going surfing. This episode follows not just the history of the boards he makes, but of surfing itself.

Rory Russell and his famous Pipeliner (video)

In this episode of Board Stories Rory Russell’s tells the story of his famous Pipeliner surfboard. Taken from a template of a 1969 Gerry Lopez model it was this design that first took Rory to two Pipe Masters and then onto a world wide fame as one of surfing’s greatest ambassador’s for fun.

Now past 60 Russell still has the cackling charisma of one of surf’s greatest ever characters and the episode both follows the tech specs of a board that changed the way Pipeline was surfed, as well as the very history of Russell and his half a century of living and laughing in Hawaii. Archive footage of Rory and Gerry Lopez in their prime is spliced with current footage of the modern Pipe warriors tackling maxing Pipe on Rory’s Pipeliner. This is a surfboard with a very important to tell, and there is no man in surfing tells a better story than Rory “The Dog” Russell.

Roller skating and Stand Up Paddle Boarding in one

This is a laugh out loud video about two grown men who try to wear roller skates while trying to Stand Up Paddle Board. What they get up to is amazing and the fact they manage to surf a little is unbelievable. The physics are all wrong but this video is so right. Enjoy, cause this is brilliant. Ridiculously Awesome Roller-Surfing At Capitola.

Venice Beach’s underground surf royalty

Quick: name the best surfer to ever come out of Venice Beach, California. If you said, “Venice has never produced good surfers,” you’re wrong. Despite having, uh, variable, wave conditions, Venice’s unique culture makes it a cradle for creative talent, whether in surfing, skating, or various types of art.

In this episode, we get to know legendary surfer Rick Massie and learn about what it’s like to take on the WQS without sponsors. We also check in with the next generation in the form of up and coming grom, Noah Hill. Venice might not be known for its waves, but it’s still an amazing place to be a surfer.