SMAO Paddles by Speedo USA winner of Golden A’ Design Award

SMAO Paddles by Speedo Usa. Image: A’ Design Award

A’ Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the design project SMAO Paddles by Speedo USA has been announced as a winner of the Golden A’ Design Award in Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Competition Category.

About SMAO Paddles
Speedo Usa, the creative mind behind the award winning Sports Equipment work SMAO Paddles explained “The most innovative paddles to hit the market, loaded with cutting-edge hydrodynamic features for the elite swimmer! SMAO paddle is the answer to the elite sprinter’s need to refine the drive-in phase of the stroke, demand an aggressive entry into the water, and reinforce a high elbow catch.” Learn more:

Creative Team for SMAO Paddles
SMAO Paddles was made by I.D. Workshop: , Don Reardon , Damon Clegg , , Speedo: , Kathleen Davis, Craig Stiff and Barry McGeough

The Golden A’ Design Award
The Golden A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 3% percentile designs that has carried out an exemplary level of quality in design. Entries to the A’ Design Award & Competition are peer reviewed and anonymously voted by a grand jury panel consisting of design scholars, prominent editors and design professionals. Entries are voted on predetermined evaluation criteria such as aesthetics, design quality and techniques. Award winning designs are exhibited internationally in Italy and World Design Hub. Award winners are published and featured in a hard-copy book, are given design excellence trophies and are included in World Design Rankings and are invited to join the glamorous black-tie award ceremony in Como Lake. Award winning works are further translated to all languages to create true international reach.

About A’ Design Award & Competition
Established in 2009 in order to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles worldwide, the A’ Design Award & Competition have been highlighting the very best design work from all countries in all categories. The mission of the A’ Design Awards is to push designers, artists, architects and enterprises worldwide to come up with superior designs and projects that benefit society. Learn more about the A’ Design Awards at

Source: A’ Design Award

New Quiksilver Store Opens in Manado

Image: Quiksilver Indonesia

Quiksilver Indonesia along with retail partners, PT Anugrah Busana Indah, recently opened the doors of Quiksilver’s latest store at GRAND KAWANUA CITY WALK, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

This new 140sqm store is located on the ground floor of the family and lifestyle mall of the rapidly expanding city. Having opened the new store in Manado, Paul Hutson, CEO of PT Quiksilver Indonesia commented, “We are very happy to be entering a NEW partnership with PT Anugrah Busana Indah, they have youthful energy which is essential when working with our stable of action and lifestyle focused brands. Manado is the largest city in Northern Sulawesi and apart from being an emerging market it is growing in popularity as a tourist centre due to its proximity to some of the worlds best dive spots so we are optimistic about this first store opening.”

The owner of PT Anugrah Busana Indah, Vincent Christianto, was equally enthusiastic stating “We are happy to be partnering with Quiksilver on this first store, we have an aggressive strategy for another 12 stores over the coming year and are excited to bring the worlds leading action sports brands to more cities across Indonesia.”

The new Quiksilver store in Grand Kawanua City Walk is stocked with a complete range of Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes apparel and accessories for men, women, youth and kids. The store opens from 10.00 to 22.00 daily.

Source: Quiksilver Indonesia

Spider Bridle Launched by Switch Kiteboarding

Bill Hansen and the R&D team at Switch have created a totally new and innovative short bridle that has the look of a Spiders web, one of the most beautiful engineering constructs found in nature.

The Spider Bridle is the latest innovation to our Nitro5 freeride kite launching tomorrow.

The upper ‘spider’ portion of the bridle stabilizes the mid-to-shoulder areas of the kite while simultaneously controlling the wingtips limiting flaring and oscillating movements. The lower portion optimally positions the front tow point for de-power and turning. The ‘Spider Junction,’ where the two portions meet allows the kite to tip with no change in the load distribution along the leading edge.

The result is smooth de-power, fast turning, lower bar pressure and consistent rear line tension for control sheeted out. Re-launch is improved and tangles are eliminated. The Spider Bridle has unlocked the true potential of the Nitro series.

Our high performance freeride machine, the Nitro5, is expected to be a sellout hit for those wanting to enjoy massive big air tricks. The kite will be available online only at with sizes and prices ranging from US$657 for a 7m & US$829 for the 16m.

Source: Switch

Whatever your style is, there´s always a perfect Jobe SUP for you!

Image: JOBE

Jobe believes everyone should be able to enjoy the water the way that suits one person’s own style.

That’s why they created different SUP-boards for different types of needs. Every board has its own features and advantages so read on to learn which SUP-board suits your style!

Inflatable vs Bamboo
First of all, you have to think about which material-type of the board suits your needs. Jobe SUP-boards can be either inflatable or hardshell bamboos. Even though there is no notable difference in behavior on the water between the two, the biggest difference between them is mobility. It is easier to grab your inflatable SUP and discover the world as it fits in one backpack. Whereas a SUP made of bamboo has the advantage of not having it to inflate it every time you go out and enjoy the water. Therefore, the question you have to ask yourself when deciding between the two, should be about where and how often you want to use your SUP.

For example: when you have a lake house it’s easier to have a Bamboo SUP and when you live in the city centre in a small apartment, it’s better to buy a Jobe Aero inflatable SUP.

Image: Jobe
Image: Jobe

The city-explorer
Once you have decided where you want to use your SUP, it is time to think about what you want to do with your SUP. Whether you are a beginner who just started enjoying the waters or an advanced user: discovering your city centre is always a good choice! You’re in luck because you get to choose from two Jobe SUP boards that fulfill your need: you can take the 10.0 SUP or a 10.6 SUP. They both have great maneuverability and stability, the 10.0 being even more maneuverable than the 10.6, but the last one makes up for that in stability. The levels of maneuverability and stability make sure that they are perfect for shorter distances and places with lots of curves, for example the small canals that flow through the city center in your city!

Image: Jobe
Image: Jobe

The traveler
Do you prefer the green environments of Mother Nature over the architecture in your city? That most probably means you will be travelling less curvy water roads and longer distances. Therefore, Jobe developed a SUP-board that is perfect for these kind of tours. The Jobe SUP 12.6 and 11.6 series are therefore your perfect pick for touring. With its sharp displacement style nose the 12.6 SUP boards are able to make much more speed than the other SUPs, while the 11.6 series is a little bit slower but makes up for that with extra stability.

Image: Jobe
Image: Jobe

The all-rounder
When you want to explore every beautiful place our world has to offer, our 10.6 series SUP-board is your perfect companion. It is faster than the SUP 10.0 series, while still being more maneuverable and stable than the SUP 11.6 and 12.6 series. These features make it our most family friendly SUP-board, because everyone can ride it. What are you waiting for: go out and discover those new places, no matter if they are located in your city, the local river or on the magnificent sea!

The Yoga practitioner
Are you into yoga? Then we got the perfect board for you! The Jobe SUP 10.6 Yoga series is the perfect board to make you find your inner chakra. The board is made more wide and stable than other SUPs to ensure you can practice all your poses. Yoga has never been so much fun!

Image: Jobe
Image: Jobe

The surfer
If you are looking for some action on the sea and want the perfect board for every kind of wave, we’ve got you covered with the Jobe SUP 9.4 series. Its special design and great maneuverability make sure you can enjoy the sea and its waves to the max!

Image: Jobe
Image: Jobe

For more info on the Jobe SUP collection and all the different specs and details of the boards, you can find interesting product videos on the Jobe website. Here you can find every little detail on all the Jobe SUP models, have a look to see whatSUP!

Want to know more about the Jobe SUP range, go to:

Source: Jobe

Dress to impress on the water with JOBE softgoods

Image: JOBE

Softgoods (water sports wear) are essential to get the most out of your favorite water sports. Jobe’s softgoods are made with special care, so you can wear it with a smile at all times! Something that is perfectly captured in the latest movie that Jobe released.

Jobe perfectly understands that your lifestyle on the water can and should be improved with softgoods. All Jobe Wetsuits are therefore making use of the latest construction methods and materials. The new Aquakiller-technology in their wetsuits is a great example! It consists of special quickdry thermo fabric with different layers that quickly drains the water in your wetsuit. The result is a wetsuit that keeps you warm and dry, while keeping flexibility.

This technology is not just present in the Jobe Wetsuits. It also appears in various vests that are available. Next to the latest construction methods and materials the vests, swimwear and wetsuits have another thing in common: they are designed to dress & impress! Jobe softgoods appear in various trendy colors and models. Expect sexy shorties for ladies like the Jobe Honolulu & Vienna wetsuits and cool-looking reversible comp vests.

Make sure to check out their movie! You can find the complete Jobe softgoods collection at

Source: JOBE

We tried LIFEPROOF and so should you

A few weeks ago, one of our Co-Founders upgraded to the larger iPhone 6 Plus. With this larger device, we needed something that was not only going to protect it from things like dust and dirt, but something that would also be beach and boat safe. I’m sure many of you have heard of LIFEPROOF but, have you actually given their products a try? We did and here’s what we discovered!

LIFEPROOF offers options for some devices from Apple, Samsung and for Droid Turbo. While we tried the iPhone 6 Plus case, it would have certainly been a plus (no pun intended) if we could have tried one for our Editor who uses a Note 4 – which does not have a LIFEPROOF case option unfortunately. Back to the iPhone 6 Plus case that we tried…it was the NÜÜD version in the Avalanche color option.


Not only does this case look great, it also has a snug fit. The device is protected from water via an operational depth of 6.6 feet or 2 meters for up to one hour and has been drop tested from 6.6 feet. The case in fact meets U.S. Military stand for both drop and shock protection.  It is able to withstand fumbles, drop s and vibrations that typically occur on a day to day basis. Drops are the top cause of damage to mobile devices and LIFEPROOF certainly keeps you covered!

We tried the NÜÜD case in Avalanche and liked it so much that we also go the same case in black. Aside from the NÜÜD, LIFEPROOF offers case options for some devices such as the FRĒ. We love this case and if there were something we would like to see, it would be case options for more devices in the future. While it does not hinder your ability to use the device, we thought it was strange the way that enclosure is around the home button. It was not particularly round but seemed to cover a very small portion of the top of the home button. We assume this is to do with the ability of the case to protect the device. Either way, we love the LIFEPROOF cases we have and strongly suggest you check it out and get one for your device today!

Get your Flysurfer VIRON2 DLX 8.0m today!

Due to high demand from kite schools from all over the world looking for the ultimate teaching kite, FLYSURFER has decided to widen the Viron2 range with an extra bigger size. We are proud to announce the size 8.0m2 to our Viron2 line-up, allowing heavier riders and students to enjoy all benefits the Viron2 DLX has to offer, as well as kite schools being able to teach safe and efficient in lighter winds.

With the VIRON2 DLX, Flysurfer Kiteboarding gives you the simplest introduction to the world of kiting. The easy-to-use VIRON2 DLX is an incomparable all-in-one kite that ensures maximum safety and stability – plus it has the easiest water relaunch you’ll ever experience. Here at Flysurfer your safety is our top priority – which is why our experienced Research and Development team have spent hundreds of hours creating a kite that’s safe, secure and stunning.



Viron2-CloseUp-06When it comes to water relaunch, the VIRON2 DLX continues to be the benchmark against which other kites are measured. Its unique, super-effective auto-relaunch incorporates a bridle that’s virtually impossible to tangle on the water. Even in low winds, simply let go of the control bar and the VIRON2 DLX will skim automatically across the water, remaining parked and ready at the edge of the window. Then, with just a simple steering input, the VIRON2 DLX flies on.


The VIRON2 DLX rounds off the Flysurfer product portfolio. It’s the storm kite for accomplished riders – but it’s also the kite that kite schools have been wishfully waiting for. This is a kite that makes it possible for children to get started in the sport, as well as being the solution for riders keen to challenge strong winds on the water. The VIRON2 DLX is equally at home on water, land and snow. All VIRON2 DLX sizes are exclusively made in deluxe kite-cloth, which has a noticeable effect on a kite’s performance – deluxe kites fly in less wind, turn tighter and are more stable.

Triple Depower System

There are three ways the VIRON2 DLX achieves maximum depower:

1. Reducing the angle of attack
2. Profile change
3. Reducing the projected area.

These 3 key elements mean the VIRON2 DLX lends its skills to a huge wind range and ideal handling.

Increased Durability

The VIRON2 DLX went through long-term testing to ensure our high expectations of quality. We used the feedback this generated and reinforced all parts to make the product even more durable.


Infinity Light Control Bar

The VIRON2 DLX 6.0 and 8.0 come with the Infinity Light control bar, which allows automatic untwisting of the front lines as well as friction-free steering. The Infinity Light Bar is also now equipped with a light and slim clam-cleat.

Visit Flysurfer for more info!

Jobe – SUP, PWC, Wetsuits and More

© Jobe

We met with the Jobe team at this month’s Surf Expo in Orlando, FL and were quite impressed! The people we met with had extensive product knowledge and with the quality and selection offered by Jobe, their goal of getting as many people on the water as possible is certainly realistic. 

The watersports brand offers a number of products including wetsuits, towables, wakeboards, skis and much more. We got a sneak peak at some of the new gear that will be coming out soon while at the Expo.

Check out a few of our favorites that are currently available on their website below!

For the ladies, our pick is the Jobe Progress Mistress Shorty 3/2 GBS.

This wetsuit is a strong and stretchy shorty with H2O lock construction.

It also has a 100% soft and warm thermo liner on the inside. Sizes on offer range from XS to XL.Jobe - Progress Mistress Shorty

Features include:

  • Full 100% meltdown thermo lining used for max comfort, flex and warmth.
  • Bubble – Designed to help prevent water entry by utilizing double or single barriers that also help to keep the wetsuit in place.
  • Gymnast Construction – Ultra flexible, this feature includes large, one-piece panels and the minimum use of seams which allow for the ultimate flex and comfort.



For the guys, we chose the Progress Exec Shorty 3/2.

While this wetsuit also includes features mentioned with our pick for women’s wetsuits, there are more features on offer as well.Progress Exec Shorty 3/2

Sizes for this wetsuit range from S to XXL.

This super strong and stretchy shorty uses the H2O lock construction, which prevents water from coming in through the stitch lines.

Features include:

  • Back zipper
  • Anti chill – a backup shield placed in front of the backzip to ensure that water doesn’t enter.
  • Nuclear Flex – Made of 100% Nuclear Flex neoprene that allows for the ultimate freedom and comfort.


There’s so much more that Jobe has on offer so, be sure to visit to get awesome, high quality gear!

Sanuk, amazing brand with something for everyone

Image: Sanuk

Our Editor visited Surf Expo in Orlando, FL on Friday, September 11th. The Expo had exhibitors from around the world with great new things on display from kites to shoes, boats to boards and much more! One of our first stops and a must see for us at every Surf Expo is Sanuk. 

Sanuk is a footwear brand that is as much about hip as it is hippy (I love hippy) and funk as it is funk-tion. This company has principles of creativity, fun and innovation and we have certainly seen that every time we have visited with them at Surf Expo. Sanuk is the Thai word for fun after all!

Image: Wake, Wind and Surf

While we are not in any way officially affiliated with the brand, we do love Sanuk and are happy to share these great gear finds with our readers. It is important to support a brand that supports an industry we cover and that is not only built for comfort, but also provides a super durable product for the whole family that you’re sure to love.

Brand Ambassadors of Sanuk include the lovely Malia Manuel, Dave Rastovich, Lauren Hill and Torrey Meister. Some of Sanuk’s gear have colorful and creative design patterns that are inspired by various locations from around the world.

Great features on some of the shoes include textured soles and bottoms that allow for comfort when wearing and a grip that won’t slip so easily if you happen to wear them on a wet surface!

Image: Wake, Wind and Surf

If you have yet to get your first pair of Sanuks, we encourage you to check them out. Something I really love is that many of the sandals and shoes have a soft rubber-like insole that is comfortable but, also easy to keep clean and allows for quick drying if you have to get your feet in the ocean or otherwise get them wet!

See below for a sneak peek at some hot new styles we checked out at the Expo!

Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf
Image: Wake, Wind and Surf

Be sure to stay tuned for more on Sanuk throughout the year and visit Sanuk to get your pair of Sanuks today!

by Wake, Wind and Surf/Anna Parker