Registration Open for Second Round of Kitespeed Worlds

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Registration is open now for the 2016 Kiteracing European Championships. The event will take place from 16 to 22 May in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Sardinia has already played host to the 2012 Worlds with a record entry of more than 200 riders, and the youth and masters worlds in 2014, and always provided excellent conditions.

For the first time, the Europeans will be held on foiling kiteboards, after the change of the Formula Kite class rules into a hydrofoil class.

Besides the racing event, Sardinia is also the second round of the kitespeed world championships and the top riders have a chance to qualify for the grand final in Marthas Vineyard.

Follow this link to register.

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Vogeltanz Swoops Through 2015 kiteboarding year

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Go on-board with FLYSURFER rider Lukash Vogeltanz and swoop through his 2015 kiteboarding year. Lukash his passion is old-school kitesurfing, or airstyle as many call it today. Which means going big, with all kinds of board-off variations, slides and transitions with unique trick combinations.

We at FLYSURFER Kiteboarding love this style of kiting, since it comes as close to flying with a kite as possible.
See Lukash rip on the SONIC Full Race kite and his beloved RADICAL5 127cm twintip kiteboard in Hurghada & Ras Sudr.

Enjoy this video, for more information check out: and

Dolphin Filled Day 4 at Kiteboarding Grand Slam

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Day four at the El Gouna Kiteboarding Grand Slam was to be another lay day with calm conditions prevailing throughout the Red Sea zone.

Many riders once again utilised the Sliders cable park whilst others took the opportunity to go on a once in a lifetime trip to the reef to meet with the Dolphins! If you’re in El Gouna this is definitely something you must experience, upwards of 50 dolphins often swimming so close around you that you can touch them isn’t an uncommon sight. This is a trip that most will remember for years to come!

The forecast for tomorrow still isn’t looking particularly good with very light winds prevailing once again. The forecast for the weekend shows especially windy conditions for Sunday, lets hope some of that wind moves forward a bit into Saturday for the Big Air competition!

For full results and heat-by-heat tricks and scores please see the complete freestyle elimination ladder here.

El Gouna Kiteboarding Grand Slam Action on Hold

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Image: Christian Black 2016

As riders awoke this morning after a grueling previous two days of competition at the El Gouna Kiteboarding Grand Slam, most were quite happy to see an unusually still Egyptian day. Day three would be a lay day and a chance for most to get some well deserved rest.

For others it was a great day for the local Cable Park (Sliders) or a chance to ride quad bikes or take a trip to the reefs on a Boat. El Gouna is a great destination even without wind as there’s just so much to see and do, you can be sure no one was bored today!

So far the forecast for tomorrow looks like more of the same with a chance for wind possibly later in the week. Hopefully we then see more of the wind we had on the first day of the competition to let the guys in Big Air really show us what it’s all about!

Image: Christian Black 2016
Image: Christian Black 2016
Image: Christian Black 2016
Image: Christian Black 2016
Image: Christian Black 2016
Image: Christian Black 2016

KTA X-Champs Kiteboarding Event Wraps Up in Vietnam

Image – Alexandru Baranescu

There was a lot to be excited about. This event held huge promise as the first ever KTA X-Champs competition. The event was to be split into a range of disciplines: TT Racing, the new Freestyle X, a high tach Big Air competition utilizing a board mounted height measuring device known as a ‘WOO Device’ and even in the mix Stand up Paddle Racing. The KTA has designed the X-Champs to offer something for everyone, at all levels along with keeping the action up close to the beach and personal, to ensure the crowds get to feel they are part of all the action too. Something perhaps that has been lost a little in recent years as the racing side of the sport focuses more on sailing course formats that take riders further out to sea.

With the new competition format also came a new media vision, a vision of growing the kite boarding lifestyle and travels to new audiences beyond those already hooked on the sport. Filming for the new documentary style KTA TV broadcasts, began in earnest days in advance of the event to capture the other aspect of the kiters life, that of travel and meeting new people and experiencing their culture and lifestyles These new shows will go out over the next few months via the KTA’s broadcast partners on SKY TV’s Wild Spirits programme across Europe and with the Outdoor Channel in Asia and Australasia. The KTA’s online and social media output during the event saw record numbers interacting and viewing the output. This is also about to get an extra boost too in the form of new social media TV show, The Q You. These are the guys that brought the world MTV and are now turning their attention to broadcasting content like the KTA.

Kiteboarding - KTA X-Champs 2016

The KTA X-Champs Vietnam based itself at the stunning Ninh Chu Bay and was hosted by the Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club. Proceedings began with the competitors being warmly welcomed by the events official government partners the Vietnam Canoeing rowing and Sailing Federation (VCRSF) and the Ninh Thuan Provincial Government, in a ceremony attend by 80 officials, plus thousands of members of the public, looking on from the beach.

In advance of this day, Ninh Chu Bay had been enjoying the expected cross-shore winds and perfect water conditions, but as the opening ceremony finished the rain began. The forecast, but not welcomed storm dampened spirits as the returning wind shifted to offshore. From now on it would hard work for the riders, but as the opening SUP races began spirits lifted and crowds soaked up the growing excitement.
After some hard fought paddle races, it was time for the TT Race fleet to take to the water and although not easy the riders and team managed to push through a number of races to close the day. The racing as well as the KTA X-Champs as a whole is solidly support by their long-term industry partners Cabrinha.

SUP - 2016 KTA X_Champs

Day two opened with the same wind situation and it was clear that it would not be shifting back any time soon. Nevertheless, the riders pushed on with the competition and the SUP racers again powered their way around the course. KTA SUP racing is being run as a one design class, sponsored by Starboard, who are support the KTA to introduce this fast growing high participation watersport throughout the session. It certainly caught the attention of paddlers and kiters alike at Ninh Chu Bay, as an international field of 30 riders battled it out. It was day in which the Russian paddlers slowly beginning to dominate the men’s pack, while on the women’s side of things the top place battles where taking place between the New Caledonian and Korean girls.

As with the opening day, TT Racing kicked back into action after the paddlers left the water. The offshore wind might have been unexpected, but this did not slow the racers down any and they were soon blasting across Ninh Chu Bay in a series of fast reaching races that excited the crowd into cheering for their new favourite riders. Thailand’s Yo Narapichit Pudla, showed once again why he was still reigning Asian champion, while in the women’s class with one 1 rider Germany’s Kathrin Borgwardt out of action due to fever, a new face in the form of a young 16 year old rider from China, Jingle Chen was making her mark.

Day two was completed by the much anticipated WOO Big Air competition. The Big Air show was a firm favorite with hordes of local spectators who were ‘wowed’ by the action packed jumps taking place in front of them. Kiteboard Big Air is something that everyone can get behind and enjoy, whether you’re competing against world rankings or just watching from the beach. The wind was blowing hard, and the gusts were carrying the WOO riders to new heights and laying down the first KTA WOO X-Champs records.

Freestyle X - 2016 KTA X-Champs

Vietnam’s Lai Hoang Phu boosted a massive 13.8 mtrs to secure a popular home win in the men’s division, while Holland’s Mariska Wildenberg put up an unbeatable 10.9 mtrs for the women.

Sadly, it was clear by the end of the day that the winds at this spot were not going to play ball and return to the expected direction, meaning that it would not be ideal for the approaching freestyle event. The difficult decision to move the competition to a new location was made and following day would see a shift to the south side of Ninh Chu Bay.

Day 3 and the riders and crew woke with a new lease of excitement, the KTA’s Freestyle X had arrived!

Regular riders at Ninh Chu Bay, really have something special going on. Not only an amazing base location at the Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club, but also the ability to hardly have to move to find the ideal conditions, when the wind changes. Add to this the incredible backdrop of mountains on the horizon, and most importantly strong constant winds, then you have a kiteboarding haven worth travelling for.

The KTA’s Freestyle X had come of age as radical new school and airstyle hooked in old school moves were blended into some incredible heats of pure talent. The crowds love it, growing bigger throughout the day and cheering their heads off as one big move after another blasted into the sky.

Approaches from the riders to this new format of freestyle where interesting and varied. While most had switched to straps to allow them to add board offs to their old school output, some riders like Hollands Dylan van der Meij, would swap halfway through his heat from straps to boots. Vietnam’s Win had a totally different approach and impressed judges, fellow riders and crowds alike with is spellbinding strapless surfboard riding. It was a tough day though and the riders left the beach exhausted, but happy.

With everyone well rested and ready to go again, the final day of the competition kicked off with the Freestyle X finals. The level of competition was absolutely astounding as the guys and girls battled it out for the number one spot. France, Aruba and Japan in the shape of Aya Oshima, Maureen Castelle, Marine Duprat and Annabel van Westerop, went head to head in the women’s Freestyle X, showing us some of the best levels of riding the KTA has seen in women’s freestyle. In the end though it was Marine Duprat who would come out on top.

The men were also making a hugh impact. Featuring Quentin Valesa, Dylan vander Meij, Jaka Komocar and Andrey Salnik, from France, Holland, Slovakia and Russia respectively. The winds were screaming in and the guys were maxing out on both height and technicality, it was a total kiting feast and no one will forget that final between Meij and Salnik for some time to come. It was though a popular and well deserve win for Meij that finished the Freestyle X action for the KTA X-Champs Vietnam.

It was a perfect day and the TT racers also relished the challenge to get back on the water and show off their high speed skills. All the usual suspects were in the thick of it as the final round of racing unfolded to take us towards the close of action. Atte Kappel, Fon Benyapa Jantawan, Pauline Valesa and Quentin Valesa pressed Pudla and Chen hard over the final races, but in the end they held on and took the glory and bragging rights from the 4 days of varied and challenging, but classic TT Racing which showed why this discipline remains the most popular for the KTA.

Kiteboarding - 2016 KTA X-Champs

It had been an amazing week at Ninh Chu Bay, the welcome and the support for both team and riders had been incredible. Vietnam lived up to all its expectations and delivered challenging conditions with strong winds. A challenge which the riders rose to meet and gave back to the daily crowds of thousands a sporting festival they will be talking about for a long time to come.

The VCRSF and Ninh Thuan Provincial Government, began the closing of the first KTA X-Champs with the official medal awarding ceremony at the Long Thaun Hotel. This was opened by a number of traditional Vietnamese dancers that captivated and reminded the competitors of the culture of Vietnam that they had been enjoying during their stay. The official ceremony then blended seamlessly into the final prize giving and closing party that brought the KTA back to where it starting proceedings, at the Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club.

For more information, visit the Kiteboard Tour Asia website.

Source: KTA

World Kite League – Elguna Action Underway

Image: Christian Black/WKL

The first day started early for both riders and staff with qualifications kicking off at a chilly 7am sharp. Qualifications were stacked with a field of talented men and women both giving it their all fighting for a spot in the main event.

Brazilian Set Teixiera had an early scare loosing his kite in one of the days early heats, luckily he made his way back through the second chance draw and into the main event. It was however undoubtedly the French team that stole the show, with great performances in both the Mens and Womens field, securing a number of places in the main event. This new French team will surely be one to look out for over the year under the helpful guidance of the new coach Seb Garat. Seb also competed in the trials, narrowly missing out on a spot himself.

After two hours of trials, held on two heat areas in parallel, the main event got underway. It’s been a long eight months since the last event for most of these guys and you could tell by the way they all rode they were all hungry for a win!

Young French rider Delmas showed he may have a bright future ahead of him, first passing the qualifiers and later coming all the way through the main event and into the Quarter Finals. With a solid smooth style beyond his years, be sure to keep an eye on him tomorrow and throughout the rest of the year!

At the end of day one we’re halfway through round four for the Men and yet to start round four for the Women, but things are really starting to warm up! This is where the competition really starts getting tight as we will get to see what will be arguably the most hotly contested round of the event, Round Five!

Round Five is the three person heat super round that determines for the last time who will end up with a chance at competing for the top four places.

With Big seeds Kajiya and Winkowska in the Women and Mario, Hadlow, Pastor and Zoon in the Men all making it through to round five, tomorrow will be an exciting day. Mario is undoubtedly on fire and has already been throwing down some tricks that we’ve hardly ever seen landed in competition before, you can be fairly certain that he will be the one to beat this year.

With one of the longest days in Competition history (almost twelve hours of competition and 60 heats run in a row) it will be interesting to see which riders can back it all up again tomorrow!

Make sure you tune into the Livestream site and our Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram feeds for all the latest highlights and heat by heat results.

Competition continues until Saturday when the first 2016 winners in Freestyle and Big Air will be crowned.

Visit World Kite League for more information.

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Check Out the Hot 2016 Naish Kite Collection

When it comes to Naish, their pursuit of excellence makes it appear as though they are never satisfied with “good enough”.

They seem to have applied that philosophy to the newest products in their midseason release. They have retuned and reinforced last year’s kite models to be even more user-friendly and forgiving, while Naish harnesses have been completely revamped for shapes that contour more comfortably to the body and maximize ease-of-use.

2016 Naish Ride

The Naish Free Ride is available in sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14. This kite would be ideal for those looking to progress their skills quickly, the open center section of this lightweight, two-strut design delivers superior low-end performance and maintains smooth power delivery through turns.

A consistent performer with incredible control, its versatility will have both new and experienced kiters choosing the Ride as their “go-to” kite for a wide range of styles.

Image: Naish
Image: Naish

2016 Naish Trip

The 2016 Naish Trip is perfect for dedicated intermediate-to-advanced riders, the incredibly lightweight, strutless design delivers the wind range of a larger kite while retaining the fast, precision turning of a smaller kite. An ideal fit for foiling, the Trip’s responsive depower and light weight—compared to other kites of this size—supports seamless transitions for a smooth ride.

2016 Naish Fly

The Trip is a lightweight and fast for a kite of its size. It delivers a smooth, yet powerful ride in light-to-marginal wind conditions. The swept-back wing tip and anti-stiction window improve water relaunch, while the two-strut design offers exceptional low-end power. New this year, Naish designers have modified the leading edge diameter, allowing the kite to fly farther forward for improved upwind ability and easy handling. Don’t let light wind ruin your day. Grab a Fly and maximize your time on the water.

View more of the 2016 Collection at the Naish Kites website.

GET Kite Mission – Long Distance Kitesurfing World Record

The new long distance kitesurfing world record attempt from FLYSURFER rider Anke Brandt is getting very real now.  The waiting period is set from March 16th – 30th March. That means, on any of these days she will start from Art Rotana Amwaj Islands, when the wind forecast is favourable.

We will give 48h notice. Anke will attempt to kite an epic 550 km from Bahrain to the UAE.  She wants to raise a truckload of money for charity organization Wings for Life!

Find out more about this great project & support her here:

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Lukash Snowkiting in Roccaraso + Video

The 2016 World Championship in backcountry snow kiting took place in Alto Sangro, Italy and was based on the GPS formula, in other words on a system of evaluation of tracks that the riders perform in a defined time interval, in which a total score was calculated, which was determined by the length of the total track and the perimeter reached within the closed figure that the rider must fulfill. The event had 6 days of competition, Monday till Saturday. 35 riders were registered, from eight countries, including Russia, Czech Republic, France, Austria, with a large delegation of Swiss and French, the nations with the most followers in snowkiting.

On Monday the event had the best weather, with a northwest wind between 12 and 14 knots, which brought an acclimatization day for the riders, which they used to explore the total snowkite arena. Most went to Aremogna, the snow conditions were pretty slim there, because of the high temperatures. Stones sticking above and just under the snow created a major security issue, so the tracks had been defined in a much more restricted way than you would normally do in a freeride/back-country competition, but of course that was necessary for the safety of all!

On the second day there was no wind so the competitors had a day off. On Wednesday, the wind came back from the north western quadrant, a bit gusty at the beginning of the morning, then in the afternoon strengthened a bit which allowed for an afternoon heat.

However, a race of 30 minutes was carried out, their had been some problems in understanding the local rules for some athletes, which applied to the race. To ensure the safety of riders, the starting gate had been positioned wider then usual, although it had been said to each rider, to finish their total track, from where they had started and also finish exactly in the same place, some riders had taken advantage of the very wide starting gate and started at the top of the gate, go upwind, go downwind and finish their session, saving those 100 vertical meters that, in certain situations, can mean losing or winning a competition. These riders were a total of 5 and were penalized 30% of their points

The kites that were used in the competition were almost all closed cell foilkites from 12m to 17-18m in size, because the wind was not very strong. You could see many FLYSURFER kites in the air above Alto Sangro. The race course was mostly flat under the cable car of Monte Pratello, which offered a great landscape. With a good breeze, on the last day, at 12:00 a.m. began another race of 30 minutes and this time all riders have complied with the rules of start and arrival!

During the whole race, Lukash & Reinhold used their SONIC-FR 15.0m and 18.0m, all the other riders also used closed cell foil race kites. The wind was extremely low but thanks to the equipment, it was possible to finish in 1st and 3rd position. The SONIC-FR is a great kite you can also easily use in back-country, to go safe and fast.

World Snowkite Contest 2016 Alto Sangro Final Results
Ski category
1. Felix Kernsten (DE)
2. Jonas Lengwiller (CH)
3. Florian Gruber (DE)

Snowboard category
1. Lukas Vogeltanz – FLYSURFER (CZ) and Leoni Michele (IT) – tye
2. Luca Mastalli (IT)
3. Reinhold Gehrer – FLYSURFER (AT

Missed video? Click here.

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