When Ship Gets Real – Kiting Recon Mission (Watch)


Drop the Naish crew on a remote island for a kiting recon mission during the windiest weekend of the year and what’s caught on film is nothing short of shear anarchy.

Jesse Richman, Karlie Thoma, Christian Barcellos and Alden Simmer will have you gritting your teeth as they boost in the shallow waters of Lana’i while dodging razor sharp reef and remnants of an abandoned ship.

Driven by adrenaline, powered by wind and bonded by fire, this enticing edit will have you scouring the garage for a cooler and a kite for the weekend ahead.

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Kiteboarding Video – The Blind Judge 5 Challenge Episode 1

The Story about a man born in the 70s trying to become the oldest man in the world able to do a Blind Judge 5, a very difficult freestyle kiteboarding trick done only by teenagers and 20s pro riders. The adventure has just begun!

Supported by:

– Switch Kiteboarding.
– Ride Clash Kiteboarding.
– Cumbuco Meeting Point.
– Kite-Addiction.
– Mavago.

Special Thanks to:

– Liam Whaley, David Tonijuan, Marc Jacobs and Maxi Gómez for his starring 😉
– Noussa Denkler and his family for the great welcome they gave us to Egypt.
– All the people behind the cameras: Phil Larcher, María Varela, María José Barrionuevo and Sandra García
– All the people from the KBC at El Gouna.

Stay tuned for Part 2! Miss Part 1 video? Click here.

Source:  Felipe Moure López

Wakeboarding in France with Jobe’s Dominik Guhrs (Video)

Jobe’s teamriders have been on a road trip to France and everything (we mean REALLY everything) got filmed! The result is the Jobe Road trip series: one team, one road trip, five movies and tons of fun!

There are a total of five cool edits, and wakeboarder Dominik Gührs kicks off the series! In Episode 1 you can see him doing what he does best. He is seriously shredding La Source (France) on his pro-model the Jobe Breach and EVO bindings.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 1 of the Jobe Roadtrip Series!

Source: Jobe

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Living the Camping and Surfing Dream (Video)

In this, the final episode of Threading Edges, EpicTV and the Mullagmore crew heap praise on Ireland and its epic surf scene, lifestyle and plethora of breaks. “A big part of surfing over here is how beautiful the actual surroundings are” says South African import and Mullagmore regular Barry Mottershead.

The barrels at Mullagmore may be off the hook but it’s also about the craic, as the locals so succinctly put it – camping, surfing and hanging at the beach. Surfing Ireland is all deep pits and going balls out; there are a bunch of points, reefs and beach breaks to rip.

Paddle-in surfing at Mullaghmore (video)

In the fourth episode of Threading Edges we check out paddle-in surfing at Mullaghmore. For a long time it was thought impossible to paddle into Mullaghmore. It was just too big and the conditions too extreme. But then Fergal Smith and Tom Low, inspired by the fearlessness of boogie boarders at the break, pulled it off.Now that the code has been broken and with advances in board design it is down to the strength and will of the surfers that ride this incredible big wave to push the limits even further.

How big is too big to paddle Mullaghmore?

Getting Deep In Massive Barrels In Mexico (Video)

In May, there was not a lot going on in Europe, so the decision was made to hit Mexico for some seasonal swell with Bruce Irons, Cory Lopez and Jamie O’brien . Mexico can be a sketchy place. The people are wonderful and the waves were incredible but whilst the guys were in town, a few cars had been burnt out and helicopters were buzzing around the air as there had been a major raid on a local drug lord! Needless to say this put a bit of electricity in the air.

After stopping at friend Carlos’ place over night, the morning waves were building up making for a potentially epic day ahead. The surf was amazing but not everyone got away easy, Laurent took a big hit and was rolled into the shorebreak, breaking his ribs and ending his trip, at least he gets to play with his new camera on the shore!