Superior Sound to Be in MasterCraft Boats

Source: MasterCraft

Image: MasterCraft

MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) has announced an exclusive partnership with Klipsch Audio to bring premium, concert-level sound on its new sport boats.


World-class, premium audio equipment manufacturer, Klipsch Audio, has created its first-ever marine speakers and amplification solutions that are exclusively offered on MasterCraft boats. Heralded in the music industry for its pioneering achievements and the power of its audio systems, new Klipsch Audio systems now create a heavy-hitting, customizable concert-style entertainment experience on a MasterCraft.


“We’re dedicated to providing the best experiences on the water for our customers, and our partnership with Klipsch enables MasterCraft to create an exclusive, first-ever audio experience on the water that will truly blow people away,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “We spend a lot of time focused on customizing boats to our owners’ needs – from the look and style of the boat to the wake behind it. Digitally-controlled custom, concert-level sound is an incredibly exciting new on-board entertainment option that we know people of all ages will enjoy.”

Image Credit: Klipsch Audio

For the first time, Klipsch Audio brings over 70 years of expertise to the water to debut premium, custom engineered marine audio systems exclusively for MasterCraft. Working with Klipsch amplification systems, Klipsch speakers use less power while adding more volume with minimal distortion – even at peak levels. Beyond its sheer power (up to 120 dB), the new sound system is tuned for a rich, accurate sound across a broad frequency range. It doesn’t exaggerate any part of the music. The new Klipsch speakers are marine-specific – from controlled directivity to being completely water tight and protected from the elements.


“We are excited to bring the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience that only Klipsch speakers deliver to the world of boating with our strategic partner Mastercraft. Klipsch speakers have stood the test of time and we are thrilled to bring this unparalelled audio experience to MasterCraft consumers,” said Oscar Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer for Klipsch Group, Inc.


MasterCraft partnered with Bongiovi Acoustics to implement its Digital Power Station™ (DSP) technology to customize the new Klipsch-powered system specifically into MasterCraft’s boats. The Bongiovi DSP contains a unique, patented digital audio signal processor that adjusts real time to music to ensure concert level sound – another first for the marine industry. The Bongiovi DSP module is tunable, changing the sound of the system depending on which software mode is selected by the driver. With three modes to choose from – drive, tow and chill – drivers can have customized sound to every MasterCraft boat while under operation.


MasterCraft’s new Klipsch Audio systems will remain an exclusive to the company for a period of five years through an agreement with ASA Electronics, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronic products.


Klipsch Audio systems will debut on new 2018 MasterCraft boats. To learn more about MasterCraft’s new Klipsch Audio systems please visit the MasterCraft website.

Nautique Wake Series returns for 2017

Source: World Wakeboard Association

The World Wake Association (WWA) and Nautique Boat Company are proud to announce the return of the Nautique Wake Series for 2017 with four action-packed events worldwide. Exclusively towed behind the industry-leading Super Air Nautique G23, each Nautique Wake Series event represents the pinnacle of wakeboarding competition in conjunction with the WWA Wakeboard World Series.

Each year, the Nautique Wake Series attracts an international field of top pro athletes and competitors in all WWA amateur divisions in a family friendly environment that puts riders first. The competitive bar is raised at every event as riders continue to push the progression of wakeboarding behind 4X Wakeboard and 3X Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23.

Pro Men, Pro Women, Jr. Pro Men and Pro Wakeskate athletes compete throughout the season with over $30,000 (USD) in additional overall prize money on the line for the overall Nautique Wake Series title. It all comes down to the final stop with overall and world champions crowned at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships.

“Competitive wakeboarding doesn’t get any better than the Nautique Wake Series. The best riding of the season goes down behind the Super Air Nautique G23 and the entire wakeboarding community comes together at each stop around the world. It’s an awesome experience for everyone and I’m looking forward to another year of amazing crowds and big wakes in 2017,” said Team Nautique athlete Mike Dowdy.

The 2017 Nautique Wake Series kicks off on the largest international stage in watersports with stop number one at the Nautique Moomba Masters in Melbourne, Australia. Stop two will take place in the heart of wakeboarding for the Nautique Wake Open in Orlando, Florida. The Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships returns to Acworth, Georgia for stop number three and the fourth and final stop will take place in Toronto, Canada for the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships during the Canadian National Exhibition.

“Nautique is thrilled to kick off the third season of the Nautique Wake Series. Recognized as the premier series in wake, the family-oriented format is dedicated to growing the sport including Amateur, Junior and Pro divisions pulled by our industry-leading G23,” stated Nautique President Greg Meloon. “As the global market continues to grow, we’re excited to put the G23 on the biggest stages in wakeboarding.”

2017 Nautique Wake Series Schedule:

Stop #1: Nautique Moomba Masters
March 8-13 in Melbourne, Australia (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #2: Nautique Wake Open
April 27-30 in Orlando, FL (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #3: Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships
August 3-6 in Acworth, GA (WWA-WBWS)

Stop #4: Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships
August 24-27 in Toronto, Canada (WWA-WBWS)

For more information on the Nautique Wake Series click here.

Riders get ready for the 2016 IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championships in Mexico!

By Gerti Ring

Wake boarding
Julia Rick in action. Image: IWWF/Daniel Fetz

The world’s best wakeboarders and wakeskaters will fight for the world championship titles at Morelos Acuaski Action Park, Mexico, from November 4 to 12, 2016.

The Cable Wakeboard World Championships of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) are held every two years and will take place at Tequesquitengo in the Mexican state of Morelos and thus held in the PANAM Confederation for the first time ever. The strong field features 200 riders from 25 nations, including most of the top riders of the world ranking such as Lior Sofer (ISR), Timo Kapl (AUT), Julia Rick (GER), and Victoria Sosulina (RUS). .

Image: IWWF/Daniel Fetz

Thrilling competition, demanding course and wakeboarding’s cream of the crop show their hottest trickery on kickers and rails: the 9th Cable Wakeboard World Championships promise wakeboarding action at its best. The warm weather and the fresh water of Lake Tequesquitengo make the region a watersport paradise.

“Teques” looks back to a long history of waterskiing and wakeboarding, breeding the best athletes of the country. Situated not far away from the world-famous ruins of Xochicalco, spectators can expect lots of exciting high-class competitions. Morelos Acuaski Action Park provides a 5-tower cable park with a stunning set-up featuring several funpark elements such as 2 kickers, funbox, flat bar and pipe rail.

The opening ceremony of the 9th Cable Wakeboard World Championships will take place on Friday, November 4, 2016. From Saturday to Tuesday, the qualification rounds and finals of the wakeboard Boys & Girls, Juniors, Masters and Veterans
categories will follow. The qualifications and semi-finals in the wakeboard Open Men and Women as well as the Seated categories will begin on Tuesday, November 7, with the finals taking place on Saturday, November 12. Accordingly, wakeskate competitions will be held in the Juniors and Open Men and Women categories.

The field boasts the world’s leading cable wakeboarders, including reigning world champion Lior Sofer (ISR), reigning German champion and current third of the world cup ranking, Miles Töller (GER), vice world champion, San Im (KOR), as well as Ariano Blanik (GER) and Philipp Turba (AUT) who are both currently sitting on fifth place of the world cup ranking level on point.

At the Open Women category, favourites include vice world champion and current leader of the world cup ranking, Julia Rick (GER), and the second of the world cup ranking, Victoria Sosulina (RUS).

For up-to-date information and the exact dates of the live webcast, please, click here.

Pro Wakeboarders hit the water behind Nautique G23

Source: The WWA

Image: The WWA

Professional men and women riders hit the water for the first time at the 2016 Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships on Friday, which marked the events third consecutive day of high-flying action, featuring the world’s best riders.

For the final time this week, amateur divisions completed their final runs and a total of four additional National Champions were crowned riding behind the award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 towboat. The Dallas Landing Park at Lake Allatoona treated riders to awesome conditions throughout the day, including a preview for spectators of the incredible talent that will be showcased during tomorrow’s final day of competition.

One of the most talented lineups in professional wakeboarding history was on hand for a chance to become U.S. National Champion in the Pro Men’s division; however, riders would first need to qualify from their respective quarterfinal Heats. After beginning the season on a tear, Jeff Langley (USA) continued his hot streak behind the Super Air Nautique G23’s perfectly shaped wake with an impressive run in Heat 1, while Massi Piffaretti (ITA) and Elite Nautique Rider JD Webb (USA) topped the second and third heats, respectively. One of the fan favorites and Team Nautique Rider Dean Smith (AUS) emerged to the top of the charts with a brilliant ride in Heat 4.

The star-studded field did not faze Tony Iaconni (AUS) as he was determined to demonstrate that he was a legitimate contender for the championship on Saturday. He would go on to claim the win in Heat 5. Despite facing multiple challenges throughout the day, Team Nautique Rider Bob Soven (USA) remained calm, cool and collected for the win in Heat 6. Parker Siegele (AUS) launched behind the G23 to take the win in Heat 7 and Elite Nautique Rider Mike Dowdy (USA) rode strong with the best run of the day to win Heat 8. Tomorrow’s Pro Men Finals are shaping up for an epic showdown.

“Everyone always rides amazing at the Nautique Wake Series events behind the G23 and I’m stoked to take the heat win today,” said Team Nautique Rider Mike Dowdy. “I’m pumped for tomorrow and looking to take the National title.”

In the Pro Women’s wakeboarding division, the Semifinals kicked off and ultimately would serve as a glimpse of the incredible action that would be taking place on Saturday. Heat 1 was filled with tons of talent, but Amber Wing (AUS) stole the judge’s attention with her stylish run to grab the top spot, while Tarah Mikacich (USA) led the way in Heat 2. Perhaps the best battle of the day took place in Heat 3, which witnessed Nicola Butler (USA) and Elite Nautique Rider Raimi Merritt (USA) throw down huge tricks behind the three-time wakeboard boat of the year, the Super Air Nautique G23.

“Nationals is always one of the best events of the season and all of the girls are on fire,” Said Team Nautique Rider Raimi Merritt. “Everytime we have the opportunity to compete behind the G23 it puts riding on another level. I’m holding nothing back tomorrow hoping to come out with the win.”

The Pro Wakeskate riders made an appearance for the first time this week, effortlessly nailing trick-after-trick behind the legendary Super Air Nautique G23 pumping out the perfect wake in awesome conditions. Brian Grubb (USA) killed it behind the G to grab the highest score of 85.00 in the Semifinals. The runner-up position in qualifying went to Austin Polterock (USA) with an 81.67. A superb performance by Jesse Deemer (MI) helped him clinch the championship in the Adaptive Standing Finals.

Aaron Lecklider (OH) laid down his biggest tricks and a run that revealed sheer determination en route to the Masters Final win. Following closely behind in second, Nick Cankar (FL) rode strong to edge out Jimmy Powell (SC) in third. The Men’s I Finals watched Woody White (KY) use the G23’s amazing wake to pull off a handful of technical variations on his way to the winner’s circle, but KP Gagnon (ME) and Jared Franco (FL) kept him honest in second and third, respectively.

The final day of the Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships is set to kick off at 9:30 am EST on Saturday, July 30, featuring the highly anticipated Pro Men and Women Finals. All athletes will compete exclusively behind the Super Air Nautique G23 towboat as they compete for their chance to become U.S. Wakeboard National Champion.


Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy
Dallas Landing Park – Acworth, Georgia
Friday, July 29, 2016

Men’s I (19-24) – Finals Heat 01

  1. Woody White (KY) – 87.33
  2. KP Gagnon (ME) – 71.67
  3. Jared Franco (FL) – 63.33
  1. Hayes Akers (OH) – 56.67
Master’s (30-39) – Finals Heat 01
  1. Aaron Lecklider (OH) – 85.00
  2. Nick Cankar (FL) – 80.67
  3. Jimmy Powell (SC) – 76.67

4. Brian Young (TX) – 50.00

Adaptive Standing – Finals Heat 01

  1. Jesse Deemer (MI) – 90.00
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 01
  1. Jake Pelot (USA) – 88.33
  2. Lewy Watt (AUS) – 80.00
  1. Erik Schroeder (CAN) – 53.33
  2. Tyler Sommer (USA) – 33.33
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 02
  1. Elliot Digney (AUS) – 85.00
  2. Guenther Oka (USA) – 78.33
  1. James Loisel (USA) – 71.67
  2. Jason Soven (USA) – 66.67
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 03
  1. Cobe France (AUS) – 84.33
  2. Mac Schramm (USA) – 73.33
  1. Luca Kidd (GBR) – 68.33
  2. Mizuki Takahashi (JPN) – 51.67
Pro Wakeskate – Semifinals Heat 01
  1. Brian Grubb (USA) – 85.00
  2. Austin Polterock (USA) – 81.67
  3. Reed Hansen (USA) – 71.67
  4. Danny Hampson (USA) – 53.33
  5. Coco Mendez (USA) – 38.33
Pro Women – Semifinals Heat 01
  1. Amber Wing (AUS) – 70.00
  2. Melissa Marquardt (USA) – 61.67
  1. Corrie Wilson (USA) – 51.67
  2. Taylor McCullough (USA) – 16.67
Pro Women – Semifinals Heat 02
  1. Tarah Mikacich (USA) – 81.67
  2. Larisa Morales (MEX) – 71.67
  1. Chloe Mills (AUS) – 66.67
  2. Chelsea Clark (USA) – 50.00
Pro Women – Semifinals Heat 03
  1. Nicola Butler (USA) – 80.00
  2. Raimi Merritt (USA) – 70.00
  1. Jamie Lopina (USA) – 61.67
  2. Abby Delgoffe (USA) – 40.00
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 01
  1. Jeff Langley (USA) – 80.00
  2. Austin Hair (USA) – 70.00
  1. Marc Kroon (NED) – 55.00
  2. Gordon Harrison (USA) – 21.67
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 02
  1. Massi Piffaretti (ITA) – 90.00
  2. Danny Thollander (USA) – 60.00
  1. Jimmy Lariche (USA) – 41.67
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 03
  1. JD Webb (USA) – 80.00
  2. Joel Bartley (AUS) – 70.00
  1. Andrew Adkison (USA) – 56.67
  2. Rusty Malinoski (CAN) – 40.00
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 04
  1. Dean Smith (AUS) – 83.33
  2. Damien Adam (MRI) – 71.67
  1. Kirby Liesman (USA) – 53.33
  2. Juan Mendez (USA) – 40.00
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 05
  1. Tony Iaconni (AUS) – 84.67
  2. Steel Lafferty (USA) – 74.67
  1. Danny Harf (USA) – 70.00
  2. Brett Lee (USA) – 60.00
  3. Luciano Rondi Neto (BRA) – 6.67
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 06
  1. Bob Soven (USA) – 86.67
  2. Nic Rapa (AUS) – 83.33
  1. Josh Twelker (USA) – 80.00
  2. Joel Schrader (USA) – 56.33
  3. Keith Lyman (USA) – 54.33
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 07
  1. Parker Siegele (AUS) – 87.33
  2. Cory Teunissen (AUS) – 83.00
  1. Tom Fooshee (AUS) – 79.33
  2. Maxim Van Helvoort (NED) – 66.67
  3. Chad Sharpe (CAN) – 38.33
Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 08
  1. Mike Dowdy (USA) – 90.33
  2. Noah Flegel (USA) – 85.33
  1. Ian Cole (USA) – 64.33
  2. Vincent Knapp (USA) – 59.67
  3. Brandon Lee (USA) – 47.67

For more information on the Nautique Wake Series please Click Here.

Butler and Derome Win Malibu Sparks Pro

Source: WWA

Photo: Malibu Boats

Beautiful weather treated athletes and spectators to a spectacular final day of competition at the 2016 Malibu Sparks Pro presented by Rockstar Energy on the water at Sparks Marina.

The energetic crowd on hand was adorned in red, white, and blue in honor of America’s Independence Day on this special Fourth of July weekend. At the conclusion of the highly anticipated Pro Men’s Wakeboarding Final, Malibu rider Raph Derome (CAN) emerged victorious riding behind the all-new revolutionary M235 towboat and was the only rider to stand up both of his passes while landing a heelside backside 720 for a score of 95.33.

The runner-up position went to Mike Dowdy (USA), who nailed a strong, consistent run and narrowly missed out on grabbing the overall win with a 93.00. It was an intense battle for the final podium position as the talented field of riders pulled huge tricks off of the M235’s incredible wake. When the judge’s scorecards were revealed, Tony Iaconni (AUS) was credited with a score of 88.33 to capture the third and final step on the podium.

“It’s an amazing feeling to walk away with the win here at the 2016 Malibu Sparks Pro,” said team Malibu rider Raph Derome. “This is such an awesome event that was put on the entire weekend and I am fortunate to have the epic wake of the M235, which helped me uncork some huge tricks and grab the Men’s Pro win.”

In the Pro Women’s Wakeboarding division, there was no shortage of action as the sports brightest stars threw down insane runs to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. The overall win on the weekend went to Nicola Butler (USA), who consistently proved herself as the rider to beat throughout the weekend with a 90.00. Just behind her, Malibu teammates Tarah Mikacich (USA) and Amber Wing (AUS) finished second and third respectively with runs of 85.33 and 83.33.

“I’m stoked to wrap up the weekend by finishing on top in the Women’s Pro Final,” said Nicola Butler. “The competition was stiff with all of the girls riding so strong, but I was able to keep focused on myself and stay consistent through both of my passes for my first win of the season.”

Being towed behind the M235’s world-class Surf Gate, Parker Payne (USA) unleashed a memorable run on Sunday to outduel his competition in the Pro Men Surf division and score the winning run. His score of 85.50 beat out Aaron Witherell’s (USA) 82.00, who gave it his best effort. Axis Wake Research rider Johnny Steig’s (USA) 60.50 was good enough for third-place to round out the podium.

In the Pro Women Surf Final, Ashley Kidd (USA) couldn’t be caught as she maintained her momentum throughout the weekend to claim the win with a 92.00. Joining her on the Women Surf podium was Jordan Wolfe (USA) and Malibu rider Stacia Bank (USA) who finished second and third.

The Pro Men Skim final produced some epic tricks with Aaron Witherell (USA) showcasing a handful of technical variations to claim the number one spot over Parker Payne (USA) in second. The Pro Women Skim final didn’t disappoint either, as it was a close battle for the win with Jodi Grassman (USA) netting a phenomenal run and 100.00 score to earn the victory. Malibu’s Stacia Bank (USA) applied the pressure but was forced to settle for second, while fellow Malibu teammate Raya Walker (USA) capped off a successful weekend in third.

The Malibu Sparks Pro welcomed the world’s best professional wakeboard, surf, and skim athletes for three days of extreme competition at the scenic Sparks Marina. The Malibu M235 towboat provides the pull for every Evolution Pro Series event, giving riders the opportunity to perform at the pinnacle of the sport and push the limit to an all-new level.

Photo: Malibu
Photo: Malibu Boats
Malibu Sparks Pro by Rockstar Energy Results

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding – Finals: Heat 01
Raph Derome (CAN) – 95.33
Mike Dowdy (USA) – 93.00
Tony Iaconni (AUS) – 88.33

Massi Piffaretti (ITA) – 85.33
Dean Smith (AUS) – 76.00
Shota Tezuka (JPN) – 68.33
Nic Rapa (AUS) – 66.00
Cory Teunissen (AUS) – 63.33

Women’s Pro Wakeboarding – Finals: Heat 01
Nicola Butler (USA) – 90.00
Tarah Mikacich (USA) – 85.33
Amber Wing (AUS) – 83.33

Melissa Marquardt (USA) – 81.67
Taylor McCullough (USA) – 75.67
Erika Lang (USA) – 71.00

Pro Men Surf – Finals: Heat 01
Parker Payne (USA) – 85.50
Aaron Witherell (USA) – 82.00
Johnny Steig (USA) – 60.50

Pro Women Surf – Finals: Heat 01
Ashley Kidd (USA) – 92.00
Jordan Wolfe (USA) – 86.50
Stacia Bank (USA) – 70.50

Pro Men Skim – Finals: Heat 01
Aaron Witherell (USA) – 97.50
Parker Payne (USA) – 94.50

Pro Women Skim – Finals: Heat 01
Jodi Grassman (USA) – 100.00
Stacia Bank (USA) – 66.50
Raya Walker (USA) – 46.00

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding – Semifinals: Heat 01
Raph Derome (CAN) – 94.67
Dean Smith (AUS) – 90.00

Josh Twelker (USA) – 83.33
Jeff Langley (USA) – 70.00

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding – Semifinals: Heat 02
Tony Iaconni (AUS) – 95.00
Shota Tezuka (JPN) – 84.33

Austin Hair (USA) – 68.67
Steel Lafferty (USA) – 54.33

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding – Semifinals: Heat 03
Nic Rapa (AUS) – 89.33
Massi Piffaretti (ITA) – 86.67

JD Webb (USA) – 81.67
Damien Adam (MRI) – 49.00

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding – Semifinals: Heat 04
Mike Dowdy (USA) – 93.33
Cory Teunissen (AUS) – 88.67

Chad Sharpe (CAN) – 73.33
Parker Siegele (AUS) – 68.33

Meagan Ethell Wins Nautique European Pro Am

Source: Nautique

Photo: Nautique

The Nautique European Pro Am hosted a global field of competitors at one of the most beautiful watersports destinations, Ferreira Do Zezere, Portugal. Upon arrival, riders and spectators descended down a windy mountain road that led to the pristine waterfront site of Castelo Do Bode. The Super Air Nautique G23 forming its perfect wakes in this picturesque setting was truly what dreams are made of.

“The Nautique European Pro Am was one to remember. Coming back to Portugal from last year, I had high expectations for myself. To be able to compete behind the Super Air Nautique G23 made this experience the best. Taking home the win and getting to explore this beautiful country with my friends made it that much better. I’m super pumped with how this weekend turned out!” – Meagan Ethell.

For a full recap of the Nautique European Pro Am, click here.

Malibu WWA Rider Experience Central Heads to Texas

Source: WWA

Image: WWA

The 2016 Malibu WWA Rider Experience Central is set to take place at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park on July 8-10. Located a short 30-minute drive outside of the “Lost Star States” most populous city of Houston, riders and fans will have the opportunity to experience one of the nations premier action sports facilities spread across more than 255 acres.

The three-day event will serve as the industry leader in hosting elite athletes in amateur competition, as well as an educational opportunity for riders competing at any level to learn from the best in the sport. Malibu’s WWA Rider Experience will coincide as the Central Regional Championship to qualify riders for the 2016 WWA Wakeboard National Championship.

The Rider Experience is a family oriented event that provides plenty of excitement throughout the weekend for all ages and abilities, such as Freeride Friday, Judge’s Experience, and the chance to surf behind Malibu’s Wakesetter on Surf Gate Sunday. In 2015, the Rider Experience Central at Lake Avery in Colorado was stacked with intense performances throughout the 3-day event, including Nic Rapa (AUS) grabbing the win in the Jr. Pro Men’s division, just ahead of fellow Australian Cobe France and Mizuki Takahashi (JPN).

For 2016, Malibu WWA Rider Experience Central will host the fourth Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier, which qualifies riders for the WWA World Rankings and the right to compete at all WWA professional contests for the 2016 season. Malibu will have a handful of professional athletes in attendance, including Oli Derome, Amber Smith, Brian Grubb, Massi Piffaretti, and Raph Derome.

Event Info for the Malibu WWA Rider Experience

July 8-10, 2016
Bel-Ray Action Sports Park
Conroe, Texas

Host Hotel:
Holiday Inn Express (7 miles from event)
2240 Stoneside
Conroe, TX. 77303
(936) 788-5200
Click Here to book now *Group Rates expire June 19th*

Nearest Airport:
George Bush International (IAH) – (35 miles to event site)
Houston Hobby (HOU) – (50 miles to event site)

Daily Schedule

Friday, July 8
9am – 3pm: Sign in and Onsite Registration
9:30am – 4:30pm: Freeride Friday
12pm – 1pm: Judge’s Experience & Lunch Break

Saturday, July 9
9am – 9:30am: Late Sign in and Registration
9:45am: Riders Meeting
10am: WWA Regional Championships & Social Function to Follow

Sunday, July 10
10am – 2pm: Wakesurf Experience Sign in and Onsite Registration
10am – 4pm: Wakesurf Experience

*Subject to change based on number of entries

Registration for the 2016 WWA Rider Experience Central & Pro Card Qualifier at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park is now open and you can Click Here to sign up.

Entry Fee:
Amateur Regional Champinship: $75.00 (includes Freeride Friday, Regional Championships and Wakesurf Experience)
Amateur Wakesurf Competition: $75.00 (includes Freeride Friday, Regional Championships and Wakesurf Experience)
Freeride Friday: $25.00
Jr. Pro Men: $100.00 (includes Freeride Friday, Jr Pro Entry and Wakesurf Experience)
Pro Card Qualifier: $100.00 (includes Freeride Friday, Pro Card Quallifier and Wakesurf Experience)
Wakesurf Experience: $25.00

Register now!

Daniel Grant claims another Red Bull Wake of Steel

Source: Red Bull Media House

Daniel Grant performing. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool

Thailand’s Daniel Grant just scraped into the final before securing a superb third straight victory in the Red Bull Wake of Steel in Linz on Saturday. In front of an enthralled crowd, the wakeboarders’s sublime second run in the final over a specially converted cargo ship in the harbour stole the show.

With a fantastic crowd and the sun shining it was the perfect setting for 18 of the world´s best wakeboarders to battle it out for the win. Riders from 14 countries took part before that was whittled down to 10 from two groups for the semi-finals. The five riders for the super final were then determined in a series of direct clashes with Grant, James Windsor (AUS), Julian Cohen (USA), Ben LeClair (CAN) and Szebasztian Szolath (HUN) advancing through.

Although Grant sneaked into the super final in fifth place, the young Thai rider showed how he has won the prestigious event twice already. He was able to steal the lead away from Ben LeClair of Canada with a Moby Dick 540 on the kicker and some unbelievably tidy tricks on the rails in his second run. Windsor, who put in consistently good performances throughout the day, tried a last throw of the dice in his very final run, but wasn’t able to move up the leaderboard and finished third under the watchful eye of wakeboard legend Parks Bonifay.

“The win feels surreal,” Grant said. “I actually came here without any expectations, and I have surprised myself with the result. I’m virtually lost for words. In comparison to all the other obstacle events, Red Bull Wake of Steel is definitely the most extraordinary, and it’s the biggest challenge, but things just go well for me here in Austria.“

Julian Cohen of the United States performs at the Red Bull Wake of Steel in Linz, Austria on May 20, 2016 © Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool
Julian Cohen of the United States performs at the Red Bull Wake of Steel in Linz, Austria on May 20, 2016 © Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool
Ben Leclair performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel night session in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool
Ben Leclair performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel night session in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool
Joe Battleday performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel night session in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool
Joe Battleday performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel night session in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool
Daniel Grant performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel 2016 in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool
Daniel Grant performing at the Red Bull Wake of Steel 2016 in Linz, Austria. © Philipp Greindl / Red Bull Content Pool

Results: 1. Daniel Grant (THA) 91.00 points; 2. Ben LeClair (CAN) 87.00 points; 3. James Windsor (AUS) 76.30 points; 4. Julian Cohen (USA) 64.00 points; 5. Szebsztian Szolath (HUN) 60.70 Points

2016 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Begins

Source: Supra PWT

The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and longest-running professional wakeboard and wakesurf circuit in the industry, kicked off its 2016 events today with qualifying rounds at Trinity Trails at Marine Creek Lake in Fort Worth.

Some of the world’s best professional wakesurfers and wakeboarders competed for the chance to advance to semi finals, battle the top contenders from last season and, ultimately, land the top spot on the podium at the end of the five-stop national tour.

The action continues with the official season opener tomorrow beginning at 10:15 a.m. Thousands of spectators are expected to crowd the shoreline to watch the pros go big with massive tricks, skillful flips and unprecedented performances.

For the first time, the 2016 Supra Boats Pro Wakesurf Tour (the surf and skim counterpart of the wakeboard event) is combining the two disciplines, an added challenge for competitors. In the qualifying round, wakesurfer Chris Wolter came out on top with critical points for huge variety and difficulty. All four contestants move on to semi finals tomorrow.

In the wakeboarding division, a tight race in the first three heats culminated in a last chance qualifying round, where Chistian Primrose and Supra team rider Austin Hair secured their places in the tour. The top eight of 12 competing wakeboarders advanced to semi finals, and Aussie Dean Smith dominated with the highest score of the day.

Warm temperatures and calm waters created the perfect environment for the Supra Boats SA550 — the official tow boat for the 2016 tour — to generate its signature clean, consistent and controlled wakes for the athletes to ride.

Tomorrow’s event will be held at Trinity Trails at Marine Creek Lake, 3054 N.W. Loop 820 in Fort Worth. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 6 to 12, and will be available at the gate.

Pro Men’s Wakesurf
Day One Results

– Riders in bold advance – 

Qualifying Heat No. 1
1. Chris Wolter — 71.8
2. Aaron Witherell — 70.5
3. Grant Witherell — 60
4. Hunter Sims — 57.1
Pro Men’s Wakeboard
Day One Results

– Riders in bold advance – 

Qualifying Heat No. 1
1. Massi Piffaretti — 89.33
2. Gordon Harrison — 72.67

3. Austin Hair — 72.33
4. Joel Schrader — 58.33

Qualifying Heat No. 2
1. Dean Smith — 94.33
2. Shota Tezuka — 87.67

3. Christian Primrose — 65
4. ian Cole — 46.67

Qualifying Heat No. 3
1. Nic Rapa — 78.33
2. Damian Adam — 72.33

3. Brad Teunissen — 46.67
4. Daniel Powers — 35
Last Chance Qualifying Round
1. Austin Hair — 75
2. Christian Primrose — 72.67

3. Daniel Powers — 62.67
4. Brad Teunissen — 61.33
5. Joel Schrader — 55
6. Ian Cole — 40