Subway Surf Series Cronulla starts with a Bang

Source: WSL

Junior Surfing - Bella Wilton
Bella Wilton — Image: Smith

The final Subway® Surf Series Pro Junior for 2016 kicked off today with competitors getting the opportunity to shine in playful two-foot righthanders.

Kai Warner (Narrabeen, NSW) put an exclamation mark on a great day of surfing, scoring a near-perfect 9.00 for a series of explosive forehand turns in the first round of competition. Warner attributed his solid performance to the similar waves he surfs regularly at his local Narrabeen Beach. Warner backed up his score with another excellent 8.00 wave score, taking his accumulative heat total to 17.00 (out of a possible 20 points).

“I was lucky to get two quick waves as it went flat pretty much straight after,” said Warner. “The waves out there are pretty much similar to the waves I surf at Alley Rights at Narrabeen, so I was reasonably comfortable from the minute the heat got underway. It’s awesome having a bunch of the guys from Narrabeen here to cheer us all on as well. It pumps you up the whole way through the heat.”

Kehu Butler (NZL) mirrored Warner’s score, notching up a 17.00 heat total in his first round exchange. The lightening fast New Zealander performed an array of powerful turns to post the score, which left his closest rival chasing a two-wave combination of scores to usurp his lead.

“The waves are really fun out there. I played a pretty patient game out there and it all went in my favour,” said Butler. “My goal is to hopefully win this event, but I’m just happy to keep progressing. Hopefully I can get through the next few as well.”

After finishing in the runner-up spot at the recent Subway® Surf Series Pro Junior at Wollongong, Luke Wrice (Coledale, NSW) continued to excite the judges and spectators, performing an eclectic combination of aerials and critical turns. Wrice stayed selective throughout the heat to post a 16.00 two-wave heat total with his closest rival, Jackson Roberts (Bateau Bay, NSW) unable to claw himself out of a combination situation.

“There’s some really good sections for airs out there and I knew if I could nail a few of them, then I could get a decent score,” said Wrice. “After finishing in second position in the last event, I hope I can go one step further and take out the final event of the season as it’ll definitely help with my overall ranking on the Pro Junior Series.”

Paris Whittaker (Cronulla, NSW) bagged an impressive victory for the locals, taking out her opening exchange. In the declining swell, Whittaker posted a respectable 13.00 heat total to keep her opposition at arms length. Runner-up Bella Wilton remained in contention over the course of the heat, posting a 7.00 wave score, but was unable to close the 2.15 gap against Whittaker.

“I’ve been surfing this bank heaps over the course of the last week, so I kinda knew the best waves to catch,” said Whittaker. “The competition is pretty stiff in the girls division, but I hope I can keep the roll going over the next few heats and post a decent result.”

All competitors are advised to ring the event hotline (0458 247 212) by 6.45am on the days of competition to confirm location and running order.

Pros battle at Nautique Wake Open

Source: Nautique

Image: Rockstar

The star-studded field of professional athletes hit the water during today’s competition for Pro Men Quarterfinals and Pro Women Semifinals, while Amateur divisions competed for supremacy in their division Finals.

Elite Nautique rider Mike Dowdy (USA), Cory Teunissen (AUS) and Harley Clifford (AUS) showcased new progression in wakeboarding behind the perfectly-shaped Super Air Nautique G23 wake to earn the highest scored runs in the Pro Men Quarterfinals.

“This weekend is shaping up to be a huge one behind the Nautique G23,” said Team Nautique Rider Mike Dowdy. “I have been riding really strong lately and can’t wait to carry the momentum from my heat win today into the finals tomorrow.”

In the Pro Women Semifinals, Meagan Ethell (USA), Raimi Merritt (USA) and Erika Lang (USA) took full advantage of the world-class wakes to pull massive tricks en route to their heat-winning runs for a Team Nautique sweep. Qualifying for the Pro Women division is now complete as riders prepare to face off for tomorrow’s Final.

Today featured a talented group of amateurs going head-to-head in the finals, which included Francisco Cabezas (USA) picking up the win in the Amateur Wakeskate class. An impressive run by Allison Lavrack (USA) was used to take the top honors in the Jr. Girls (9&under) Finals, while Hollie Waldrop (USA) claimed the Girls (10-13) Finals win.

Image: Rodrigo Donoso
Image: Rodrigo Donoso

Nick Cankar (USA) used his veteran experience to execute a solid run and grab a score of 81.67 in the Master’s (30-39) division to bring home the overall win. After an impressive qualifying performance, Connor Poggetto (USA) carried the momentum to win the Adaptive Sitboarding Final riding behind the G23, however, his success did not stop there are he was announced the winner of the PCM Amateur Best Trick Award after nailing back-to-back grabbed 180’s.

An incredible run by Cobe France (AUS) propelled him to his Semifinals heat win in the Jr. Pro Men (14-18), while James Loisel (USA) and Lewy Watt (AUS) each won their respective heats and will prepare to duke it out in tomorrow’s finale.

The Nautique Wake Open is set to host the Pro Men and Women’s Finals tomorrow, beginning at 9:30AM on Sunday, April 24 for the events final day of competition.

Nautique Wake Open begins in Orlando

Source: Nautique

Image: Rodrigo Donoso

The Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy hosted the first of four days scheduled for this weekend’s event at the world-famous Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC). This weekend the sport’s brightest stars are set to kick off the opening round of the Wakeboarding World Series (WBWS) and second stop of the Nautique Wake Series, the only series that puts riders first.

Pro Men’s qualifying is underway, featuring elite Nautique athletes, such as Mike Dowdy, Bob Soven, and JD Webb to name a few. This season is arguably the deepest field in the history of the sport, which is destined to provide intense action beginning in qualifying and carrying on into the finals.

“It’s always good to come out and win the first heat of the season,” said Team Nautique Rider Bob Soven (USA). “The conditions were pretty challenging today with the wind blowing right down the center of the course at 15+ mph, but the G23’s wake stayed clean and allowed everyone to still put their best tricks forward.”

The Pro Women’s division started the day off with their quarterfinals, ultimately leading the way were Nicola Butler (USA) and Larisa Morales (MEX). Thanks to the innovative technology on the Super Air Nautique G23, the women continue their progression towards raising the bar yet again for this weekend’s finals showdown.

“Today was an exciting first day at the Nautique Wake Open with a full lineup of Pro Women competing,” said Team Nautique Rider Meagan Ethell (USA).  “The conditions were a little rough, but I was able to adjust and put in a consistent run to advance to the semifinals. My plan this weekend is to have fun, lay down a solid run and earn a spot in the finals.”

In the Adaptive Sitboarding semifinals, Connor Poggetto (USA) displayed flashes of brilliance as he lead the way, while Nathan Smith (AUS) laid down an impressive run to claim the runner-up position.

Guenther Oka (USA) put in the best run of the day in the Jr. Pro Men’s quarterfinals with a 79.33, narrowly edging out James Loisel’s 78.67 (USA). The Master’s semifinals watched Joel Schrader (USA) go big to grab the upper hand heading into the finals.

The second day of the Nautique Wake Open is set to kick off at 10AM on Friday, April 22, which will include Pro Wakeskate and Amateur and Junior Qualifying.

As the organizer and sanctioning body of the 2016 Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all of its partners for their support in making the event possible, including Nautique Boat Company and Rockstar Energy Drink.


Nautique Wake Open Presented by Rockstar Energy
Orlando Watersports Complex – Orlando, Florida

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 01:
1. Bob Soven (USA) – 80.00
2. Christian Primrose (CAN) – 66.33
3. Parker Siegele (AUS) – 63.67
4. Marc Kroon (NED) – 58.33

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 02:
1. Oli Derome (CAN) – 76.00
2. Shota Tezuka (JPN) – 75.00
3. Robbie McMillin (CAN) – 40.67
4. Gordon Harrison (USA) – 13.33

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 03:
1. Nic Rapa (AUS) – 79.00 
2. Rusty Malinoski (CAN) – 70.00 
3. Josh Twelker (USA) – 56.00
4. Brenton Preistley (AUS) – 40.00

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 04:
1. Sam Carne (GBR) – 75.00 
2. Massi Piffaretti (ITA) – 71.00 
3. Aaron Rathy (CAN) – 66.67

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 05:
1. Tony Iaconni (AUS) – 77.33 
2. Shawn Watson (USA) – 68.33 
3. Damien Adam (MRI) – 64.33

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 06:
1. Daniel Powers (USA) – 74.00 
2. Jeff Langley (USA) – 73.33
3. Jimmy Lariche (USA) – 50.00

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 07:
1. Tony Carroll (USA) – 73.33
2. Raph Derome (CAN) – 58.33
3. Ian Cole (USA) – 20.00

Men’s Pro – Qualifying Round Heat 08:
1. Dean Smith (AUS) – 83.33
2. Danny Harf (USA) – 70.67 
3. Chad Sharpe (CAN) – 65.00

Women’s Pro – Quarter Finals Heat 01:
1. Taylor McCullough (USA) – 73.33
2. Tarah Mikacich (USA) – 68.33
3. Jamie Lopina (USA) – 58.33 
4. Ashley Leugner (CAN) – 40.00

Women’s Pro – Quarter Finals Heat 02:
1. Nicola Butler (USA) – 80.00 
2. Erika Lang (USA) – 73.33
3. Melissa Marquardt (USA) – 68.33
4. Charlotee Bryant (GBR) – 64.33
5. Morgan Crescent (USA) – 50.00

Women’s Pro – Quarter Finals Heat 03:
1. Larisa Morales  (MEX) – 75.00
2. Amber Wing (AUS) – 68.33
3. Raimi Merritt (USA) – 60.00 
4. Abby Delgoffe (USA) – 48.33
5. Chelsea Clark (USA) – 38.33

Women’s Pro – Quarter Finals Heat 04:
1. Chloe Mills (AUS) – 75.67
2. Meagan Ethell (USA) – 70.00
3. Zahra Kell (AUS) – 66.00
4. Gigi Meyer (USA) – 48.33
5. Corrie Wilson (USA) – 43.33

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Quarter Finals Heat 01: 
1. Cobe France (AUS) – 78.33
2. Lewy Watt (AUS) – 72.00
3. Mizuki Takahashi – 51.33
4. Clayton Holladay (USA) – 42.67

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Quarter Finals Heat 02: 
1. Guenther Oka (USA) – 79.33
2. Jason Soven (USA) – 71.00
3. Jesse Foushee (USA) – 52.00
4. Camden Vaughan (USA) – 46.00

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Quarter Finals Heat 03:
1. James Loisel (USA) – 78.67 
2. Callan Starr (AUS) – 60.67 
3. Jeongwook Kim (KOR) – 42.33
4. Jake Pelot (USA) – 11.67

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Quarter Finals Heat 04: 
1. Elliot Digney (AUS) – 70.00
2. Luca Kidd (GBR) – 63.00
3. Tyler Higham (USA) – 59.67
4. Bryson Hancock (USA) – 56.33
5. Daniel Miles (USA) – 48.00

Adaptive Sitboarding – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1.Connor Poggetto (USA) – 70.00
2. Nathan Smith (AUS) – 41.67 

Master’s (30-39) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Joel Schrader (USA) – 76.67
2. Nick Cankar (USA) – 66.67
3. Francisco Cabezas (USA) – 45.00
4. Robert Schwartz (USA) – 33.33

For more information on the 2016 Wakeboard World Series Click Here.
(Images: Rodrigo Donoso)

Wake Surfers Showcase Skills at Indoor Competition

Source: Event Media

Indoor Wake Surf
New England Resident Jake Caster flies into second place, earning $1,500 at the first inaugural indoor Wake Surfing competition. Image: Carter McCoy

Surf’s Up New Hampshire, the first ever indoor surf park in the United States, was recently the host venue for another first – the first ever indoor Wake Surfing competition.

More than 20 wake surfers showcased their skills at the contest on American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® technology in three different competition classes (Pro, Outlaw and Amateur). For the Pro class, prize money was up for grabs with Parker Payne, age 16 from Richardson, Texas taking First Place and winning $3,000. Two other 16-year-olds, Jake Caster from Westford, MA and Hunter Sims from Auburndale, FL, placed second and third, winning $1,500 and $500 respectively.

“This first indoor Wake Surfing competition truly showcases the versatility of our SurfStream technology, with multiple wave types for different variations of surf,” said Bruce McFarland, founder and president, American Wave Machines. “With both amateurs and professionals competing, some of whom have never surfed in the ocean, the event highlighted how SurfStream continues to help grow the sport of surfing!”

Check out the event video below! Can’t see the video? Click here!

Hunter Sims sprays his way into third place at Surf’s Up New Hampshire’s indoor Wake Surfing contest. Image: Carter McCoy
Hunter Sims sprays his way into third place at Surf’s Up New Hampshire’s indoor Wake Surfing contest. Image: Carter McCoy
Parker Payne lead all surfers on American Wave Machines’ SurfStream at the first ever indoor Wake Surfing competition at Surf’s Up New Hampshire, earning the $3,000 first place prize. Image: Carter McCoy
Parker Payne lead all surfers on American Wave Machines’ SurfStream at the first ever indoor Wake Surfing competition at Surf’s Up New Hampshire, earning the $3,000 first place prize. Image: Carter McCoy

Surf’s Up New Hampshire opened in December 2013 as the first indoor surf park in the United States, and hosted the first two sanctioned indoor surfing competitions in 2014 and 2015.

American Wave Machines’ SurfStream technology generates natural feeling standing waves. The SurfStream at Surf’s Up is the world’s largest standing wave machine with a 32-foot channel that can produce two- to six-foot waves, including barreling waves that challenge even experienced surfers.

In addition to SurfStream, American Wave Machines also has patented technology that creates an infinite variety of waves that replicate point break, beach break, and reef break without long waits. Called PerfectSwell®, it is the first and only air-pressure system to recreate naturally occurring ocean swells for an authentic world class surfing experience. Several American Wave Machines are currently operational, with several more currently undergoing installation, expanding the sport of surfing into new locations around the world.

Full Results
Pro Class
1st – Parker Payne ($3,000)
2nd – Jake Caster ($1,500)
3rd – Hunter Sims ($500)

Outlaw Class
1st – Dylan Dye
2nd – Nick Hutchins
3rd – Hunter Lyon

Amateur Division
1st – Will Watson
2nd – Garret Slack
3rd – C J Lavoie

Amateur Class (15 and under)
1st – Nick Hutchins
2nd – Liam O’Driscoll
3rd – Will Watson

Watch Wakeboarding’s Cohen Brothers in Action

Source: Jobe

The force is strong in the Cohen family it seems, both are darn good rippers!

Julian is the life of the party and has won some major events over the years. His brother Yonel is a real ambassador of the sport who like to help everyone get on the water, the kind of guy that every cablepark needs. Yonel might be younger than Julian but they both go just as big! Both do have a unique style that makes them a spectacle on the water. But it’s even better when they shred together on their Jobe Conflict boards!

They say good things come in pairs and the Cohen brothers are living proof of this!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

All Set for Supreme Wake Surf Championship

Source: Supreme

The 2016 Supreme Wake Surfing Championship presented by Skylon is preparing to hit Lake Weir in Central Florida with wake surfing’s top amateurs and pros April 15th & 16th.

The official towboat of the event, the 2016 S238 will be cranking out supreme waves for two solid days. The SWSC kicks off the U.S. leg of the World Series of Wake Surfing tour. This year the event has traveled across the country helping surfers to reign supreme on the East Coast behind Supreme boats. Orlando area Supreme Boats Dealer Transition Watersports is hosting the 2016 Supreme Wake Surf Championship presented by Skylon on Sandy Hook Beach in Ocklawaha, FL. Come to watch competitors surf supreme at the 2016 SWSC presented by Skylon.

Competitive Wake Surfing Association (CWSA) ranked surfers will take the water at the SWSC each morning at 8am EST. The Supreme S238 will pull the world’s best wake surfers until the last of 75 registered riders has surfed. The finals on the afternoon of April 16, 2016 will be followed immediately by the Supreme Wake Surfing Championship Awards. Divisions include both men’s and women’s and provide a range of age groups for both Surf Style and Skim Style riders. The top performers in the professional division will be awarded a total of $12,000.

Image; Supreme
Image; Supreme

As an official World Series of Wake Surfing event, 2016 Supreme Wake Surfing Championship division standouts could earn an invite to the Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship. Dates and location for competitive wake surfing’s grand finale to be announced later this month.

The 2016 Supreme S238 is the official towboat of the SWSC. This 23-foot 8-inch water sports boat offers World-class performance, cool style, amazing accommodations and strong construction. The S238 allows you to wake, surf and reign supreme on the water. Get behind Supreme boats at the 2016 SWSC with Transition Watersports or anytime at a Supreme Boats Dealer near you.

The 2016 Supreme Wake Surfing Championship presented by Skylon is being managed by tournament directors Dennis Costa and Danny Biebricher. These wake surfing veterans are being supported by event hosts, Nate and Abigail Stockman owners of Transition Watersports. This team is dedicated to helping competitors reign supreme on the water. Many amazing performances are expected April 15-16, 2016. Come watch the 2016 SWSC at Lake Weir.

WWA Rider Experience Heads to Lake Las Vegas

Source: WWA

The 2016 Malibu WWA Rider Experience Launches on the West Coast at Lake Las Vegas, where the glitz and glamour from the Vegas strip transforms to the water in Henderson, Nevada on May 13-15. The three-day event will serve as the industry leader in hosting elite athletes in amateur competition, as well as an educational opportunity for riders competing at any level to learn from the best in the sport. Malibu’s WWA Rider Experience will coincide as the West Regional Championship to qualify riders for the 2016 WWA Wakeboard National Championship.

The Rider Experience is a family oriented event that provides plenty of excitement throughout the weekend, such as Freeride Friday, Judge’s Experience, and the chance to surf behind Malibu’s Wakesetter on Surf Gate Sunday. Last year’s Rider Experience West in Canyon Lake, Arizona witnessed more than 50 riders on hand to showcase their skills throughout the weekend, which included Australia’s Nic Rapa claiming the win in Jr. Pro Men and USA’s Alyssa Williams in the Junior Women’s division.

For 2016, Malibu WWA Rider Experience West will host the second Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier, which qualifies riders for the WWA World Rankings and the right to compete at all WWA professional contests for the 2016 season.

May 13-15, 2016
Lake Las Vegas
Henderson, Nevada

Host Hotel:
Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway
Henderson, Nevada. 89011
(702) 567-4700

Daily Schedule

Friday, May 13
9am – 3pm: Sign in and Onsite Registration
9:30am – 4:30pm: Freeride Friday
12pm – 1pm: Judge’s Experience

Saturday, May 14
9am – 9:30am: Late Sign in and Registration
9:45am: Riders Meeting
10am: WWA Regional Championships & Social Function to Follow

Sunday, May 15
10am – 2pm: Wakesurf Experience Sign in and Onsite Registration
10am – 4pm: Wakesurf Experience

*Subject to change based on number of entries

Registration for the 2016 WWA Rider Experience & Pro Card Qualifier at Lake Las Vegas is now open for riders to sign up.

More Wakeboarding News

Trio of Events for Wakeboarders to Showcase Skills on World Stage

Source: The WWA

Image: Rodrigo Donoso

The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) has announced the schedule for the 2016 Malibu Evolution Pro Series. Three events are set to take place in 2016, each being held in a unique location that provides riders the opportunity to display their talents globally. Malibu’s all-new, class-leading M235 will be one of the key tools in helping world-class athletes take the next step toward greatness in the water.

Malibu CEO Jack Springer spoke briefly about the companies’ commitment to raising the bar on a global level in water across the world. “As the Malibu Evolution Series enters its second year, Malibu is excited to bring our sport and product to unique locations around the world,” said Springer. “Partnering last year with the WWA, we had a common goal to create events that were fitting for the worldwide towboat leader, and we’ve achieved that. I personally look forward to seeing the world’s best athletes prove themselves behind the all-new Malibu M235 this summer; the most luxurious and preeminent boat in the industry.”

“It’s always great to have partners that are in tune with our vision and share the same passion that we do in helping elevate the sport to the next level,” said Shannon Starling, WWA President. “Coming off of a successful first year for the Evolution Pro Series in 2015, the WWA and Malibu Boats are really looking to setting a new standard for Pro Wakeboard events this season, which will consist of unreal locations for the sport and brand.”

The Malibu Evolution Pro Series is designed to showcase the highest level of performance, unifying the men and women of the professional wakeboarding circuit at some of the world’s most elite facilities, in the U.S. and internationally. In order to match the athletes’ credentials, over $250,000 in prize money and athlete incentives will be up for grabs.

“Malibu and the WWA have done a fantastic job with the Evolution Pro Series,” said Malibu Team Rider Massi Piffaretti. “I’m really looking forward to competing at some of the new locations we will be attending in 2016. Each round is going to be unique in its own way and I’m ready for the challenges that they present.”

In addition to the Malibu Evolution Pro Series, the three events will also work in conjunction with the Wakeboard World Series (WBWS), which the Malibu Sparks Pro will host the third round on July 1-3; the Malibu Seoul Pro will be the sixth round, August 19-21; and the Punta Cana Pro, October 7-9, will serve as the WBWS finale.

2016 WWA Malibu Evolution Pro Series Dates

Sparks Pro
Sparks Marina – Sparks, Nevada
July 1-3
*Will also feature Pro Wake Surfing

Seoul Pro
Han River – Seoul, South Korea
August 19-21

Punta Cana Pro
Cap Cana Marina – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
October 7-9
*Will also feature Pro Men Wake Park

The Jobe Road trip series – Episode 4: Rocco rocks the road trip

Source: Jobe

Beastmode: ON! Beastmode gets a whole new definition when Jobe teamrider Rocco van Straten hits La Source Wakepark during the Jobe Road trip!

This Dutch destructor threw down with power and style and showed us he still belongs to the top of the wakeboard scene. During the road trip with Rocco really put the Jobe EVO bindings to the test, taking himself and the EVO to the next level!

Want to see what ‘going big’ actually means? Then you’d better watch Rocco’s Episode of the Jobe Roadtrip Series. We’re seriously tripping over this guy’s skills!

Can’t see the video? Click here.