Indoor Wake Surfing Competition to be held in Nashua

Surf’s Up New Hampshire, the first indoor surfing venue in the U.S., will host the 2016 Surf’s Up Tropical Wave Shred Competition on April 2 at its 85 degree tropical indoor paradise in Nashua.

The event will bring together the world’s best Wake Surfers to compete for cash prizes on American Wave Machines’ largest SurfStream® installation. The first EVER indoor wake surfing event will feature three different competition classes (Pro, Outlaw and Amateur), and judging will follow Competitive Wake Surfing Association (CWSA) guidelines. A $3,000 cash prize for the Pro competition class will be up for grabs, with $1,500 for second place and $500 for third place, and additional prizes for other divisions. Registration is required for all wake surfers prior to the event ($80 fee and waiver), and can be accessed here.

The championship event is presented by Surf’s Up New Hampshire and American Wave Machines.

With SurfStream®, the world’s largest standing wave machine, Surf’s Up New Hampshire has hosted the first indoor surfing competitions the United States, in 2014 and 2015. And the 2016 Tropical Wave Shred Competition marks the first indoor event in the nation for wake surfing!

WHAT: The first ever indoor Wake Surfing competition utilizing American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® technology

WHO: Amateur and Pro wake surfers may include Keenan Flegel, Noah Flegel, Hunter Sims, Parker Payne, Ashley Kidd, and others

WHEN: Saturday, April 2
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

WHERE: Surf’s Up New Hampshire
100 Adventure Way
Nashua, NH 03060

Surfing competitions using American Wave Machines’ technology have already been hosted in Sweden and the first two indoor surfing competitions in the United States were held in Nashua, NH and were sanctioned by the Eastern Surfing Association.

A highlight video of the most recent event is below:

American Wave Machines is the leader in “out-of-ocean” surfing, having invented and manufactured two products – SurfStream®, which creates standing waves, and PerfectSwell®, which creates traveling waves that mimic real ocean action. These aren’t the short, shallow waves you see on cruise ships – this technology creates the premier, authentic surfing experience by creating an infinite variety of waves (including the barreling wave that surfers crave), on demand – all with no waiting! American Wave Machines’ technology can provide waves every five seconds that replicate the point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks that are the holy grail for surfers. Surfers can use full-sized surfboards (with fins), and waves can be controlled with an iPad.

American Wave Machines are already successfully delighting surfers of all skill levels in New Hampshire, Montreal, Sweden, Peru and Turks & Caicos, with new surf parks in development in New Jersey, Florida, and Sochi, Russia!

Source: AWM