Opening Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier Event Held at Freedom Wake Park

Image: WWA

The opening Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier of the 2016 season took place Saturday, March 19 at Freedom Wake Park in Orlando, Florida. Despite scattered rain showers throughout the day, a talented lineup of riders displayed plenty of action on the water. The event presented many athletes their first opportunity to ride behind the all-new Malibu M235, which provided a wake that riders raved about.

There were a total of 16 riders in attendance to compete for a chance to earn their Pro Card and continue their quest of conquering their dreams and facing off against the sport’s best athletes. The 16-rider field was divided into four qualifying heats, with the top three placing riders in each heat advancing to the final and earning their Pro Card.

A talented group of up and comers graced the lineup for Heat 1, which witnessed Holland’s very own Marc Kroon take the top spot. Christian Primrose of Canada used an explosive riding style – landing into the flats on several of his tricks – to claim the Heat 2 victory.

After recovering from a knee injury last season, USA’s Gordon Harrison refused to let the heavy rain during the first round slow him down, recording one of the most impressive runs of the day. He used his creative style to grab the top score in Heat 3, just ahead of Freddie Wayne who is making a comeback to the Pro Men’s division.

Malibu’s very own, Oli Derome looked extremely comfortable as he relied on the wake of the M235 to nail down his signature double grabbed 360, which was followed up with a mix of technical tricks and spins, such as a toeside 900. The Rockstar sponsored athlete took the win in Heat 4.

For the grand finale, a total of 12 riders who had earned their Pro Card earlier in the day battled it out for supremacy and bragging rights. Multiple riders laid down their best runs of the day in hopes of capturing the top spot, however, it was Malibu’s Derome who rode to victory in the finals. Pierce Homsey claimed the runner up spot in second, while Maxim Van Helvoort rounded out the top three.

The second Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier of the 2016 season is set to take place at the famous Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada on May 13-15. The event also coincides with the first Malibu WWA Rider Experience event of the year.

Quarter Finals – Heat 1:

  1. Marc Kroon (NED)
  2. Pierce Homsey (USA)
  3. Juan Mendez (USA)
  4. Damien Adam (MRI)
Quarter Finals – Heat 2:
  1. Christian Primrose (CAN)
  2. Vincent Knapp (USA)
  3. Maxim Van Helvoort (NED)
  4. Ian Cole (USA)

Quarter Finals – Heat 3:

  1. Gordon Harrrison (USA)
  2. Freddie Wayne (USA)
  3. Danny Thollander (USA)
  4. Sam Carne (GBR)
 Quarter Finals – Heat 4:
  1. Oli Derome (CAN)
  2. Robbie McMillin (CAN)
  3. Brenton Preistley (AUS)
  4. Bob Chin III (USA)

Final Results:

  1. Oli Derome (CAN)
  2. Pierce Homsey (USA)
  3. Maxim Van Helvoort (NED)
  4. Gordon Harrison (USA)
  5. Robbie McMillin (CAN)
  6. Marc Kroom (NED)
  7. Freddie Wayne (USA)
  8. Christian Primrose (CAN)
  9. Brenton Preistley (AUS)
  10. Vincent Knapp (USA)
  11. Juan Mendez (USA)
  12. Danny Thollander (USA)

The Top 15 pros on the 2015 Wakeboard World Rankings retain their Pro Card for the 2016 season. All other riders must obtain their Pro Card at one of the six qualifying events. For the full list of WWA Pro Card rules visit

Source: WWA