Open Windsurfing Championship continues in Asia

© Howie Photography

The SIM 35th Open Windsurfing Championship is the biggest event on the Asian calendar and features a raft of new and young athletes. They are already maestros of the race track, and attract the most attention. Working hard from a young age, they grasp every advantage of nature’s elements, master their demanding boards and fly over the water with immense skill.

In order to achieve, they have to be patient and concentrated, make the right choices,and gain experienceevery day they are on the water. As the Chinese proverb says,“With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.”

The Championship is a perfect platform for the continent’s young athlete to showcase the results of their training. Step by step they will follow the pathway to elite senior racing, walking the ladder from Techno 293 to RS:XOlympic windsurfing, becoming exceptional athletes and ambassadors for their countries on the way. Andrey Yong,series leader of the RS: X Women is a perfect example.

Hard work rewards – and gives exceptional results. These youngsters know well that: put in the effort and they will perform against the world’s best.

Source: Icarus Sailing Media