SIM 35th Open Windsurfing Championship 2016 – The Movie


In sailing, it doesn’t matter your age, whether you are a student or an athlete, if you choose to sail in smaller classes or the Olympic events – the goals are the same. Secure a clear start, maintain maximum speed, make the least mistakes, keep consistent and cross the finish line first!

The SIM 35th showed the unique characteristics of sailing across all these aspects… The clear start made by Prapart Sang–Neem in RS:One and Lemmy Teo in Raceboard was enough to earn their victories. In the SIM Windsurfing Championships 2016, the students of Singapore Management University made the least mistakes, dominating to win 4 out of 5 classes, with the final victory going to the Singapore Institute of Management.

Thailand’s young athlete Bonyarit Sangngoen won the Techno293 with a virtually flawless performance. A similar level of superiority was on the scorecard of Singapore’s Audrey Yong who dominated the RSX Women’s fleet. A clear win too from the experienced Chris Newman in the Formula fleet.

A consistent top three scoreline in the RSX Men fleet from Indonesia’s 4-time Olympian Oka Sulaksana. Victory was close though, by just 1 point over Singapore’s Leonard Ong.

The SIM 35th closed with an atmospheric ceremony and tributes to the winners and podium finishers. Yet again sailing demonstrated its embracing of diversity – whatever your goals, sailing has a pathway for you.

Source: Icarus Sailing Media